The Chinese Gardens Poem by Fabrizio Frosini

The Chinese Gardens

Rating: 4.9


At the edge of the universe I live
Beyond the bend of Time.

I call it ‘home', but it's
Hardly the place to be resting in peace of mind.

Swirls of dust, as cold as
Death itself, whip my face.

Fear. Wonder.
A feeling of reverential respect and
Inexplicable wonderment passes through me
Any time the light turns into darkness.

Utterly aimless
I let the wind flow away
Beyond my void hopes and sins

At the edge of the universe.


(Published in my Book ''THE CHINESE GARDENS'', Amazon 2015 - copyright Fabrizio Frosini,2015)

The Chinese Gardens
Saturday, January 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: home,life,universe
This poem gives the title to my Book ''THE CHINESE GARDENS'', published in 2015 at Amazon.
- copyright Fabrizio Frosini,2015 -
Fabrizio Frosini 23 February 2016

this is a present that Liza made me.. my poem translated in her language! Really a lovely surprise.. Thank you so much, Liza! _________________________________________________________ Китайские сады Я живу на краю у вселенной За изгибом Времен. Я зову это 'дом', но без отдохновения. Вихри пыли, холодные, Как смерть, бьют по лицу. Страх. И чудо. И благоговейное уважение Объяснить не могу удивления, что течет сквозь меня каждый раз, когда свет облачается в темноту. Совершенно бесцельно позволяю я ветру лететь над тщетою надежд и грехов На краю у вселенной. _________________________________________________________

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A thought provoking poem that focusses on futility of the edge of the universe......10

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Rajnish Manga 01 August 2019

The poem puts across some images which reveal the inner conflict of the protagonist quite succinctly and its probe is not limited to a particular area but goes beyond time and universe. Futility of life seems to be a core issue towards the end. Indeed a thought provoking poem.

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Fabrizio Frosini 01 August 2019

Thank you, Rajnish. ''Futility of Life'' - yes, right.

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Michael Walker 18 April 2018

The poem makes me feel right on the outer edges of the universe, still in a Chinese garden though. Fine and subtle images.

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Fabrizio Frosini 24 April 2018

Time, Space, the mystery of Life, ... are recurrent themes in my poetry. Thanks for visiting and commenting, dear Michael

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Artep Ofpoetry 09 November 2017

your words give the reader the very feelings to be at the edge of the universe

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Fabrizio Frosini 10 November 2017

I feel to be 'at the edge', indeed :) thank you

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Mariol L. 21 August 2017

at the edge of the universe is a beautiful metaphor of the human condition

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Fabrizio Frosini 27 August 2017

than you for your comment, Mariol

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