The Choice Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Choice

Rating: 3.5

The road of ease
is so lovely.
It is tempting to go that way
because it makes
life easier,
no decisions to make,
no trials to face,
no pain to tolerate,
no hurting anymore.

The road which goes
the other way is hard.
It is not lovely, not tempting,
because you know if you choose it,
life gets harder,
decisions MUST be made,
trials MUST be faced,
pain MUST be tolerated,
and you will hurt like hell!

So, there are the choices.
We face them every day.
Which one, my friends,
will you choose?

Lesa K 02 August 2006

Beautiful and thought-provoking piece. So many choices... then there are those times when it seems you have no choices at all.

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Ernestine Northover 02 August 2006

I think they come to us, whatever we choose Scarlett. If life were lovely all the time, we would never learn the things we need to learn. Like compassion, and love, and caring, and sharing, appreciation, contentment, and many other things that come with the hard side of life. I enjoyed this write very much. Love Ernestine XXX

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Esther Leclerc 05 August 2006

You speak truth, my dear friend... Life has myriad ups and downs, and making no decision is a choice too. I think we all need something bigger than ourselves to believe in... Bless your sweet heart, Scarlett, in encouraging us to make a decision everyday.

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Not a member No 3 17 September 2008

'And learn too late that hard times soon become the best of times' (Ok so I blew it first time - typos 'r me) I know someone who wrote those lines... and would agree with your tacit urging... the easy route is rarely the most satisfying one.... challenge repays... a model of clarity and good sense

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Words of wisdom. I'd expect nothing less. I am deeply humbled by this Class One, say-it-as-it-is, life-hurts-but-embrace-it-and-take-it-and-face-your-demons piece, excellently scribed as it is. I learn from it and I thank you. t x

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Mary Nagy 16 August 2006

Scarlett, I think that's the hardest part about choosing what we know we does hurt sometimes! But, I like to think each pain brings us that much closer to where we really want to be (and belong) . Wonderful poem! Sincerely, Mary

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Alison Cassidy 13 August 2006

Scarlett, You show us a paradox here, because the 'easy' road, is not easy. It brings restlessness and angst, and the other one, the road that seems harder, ultimately brings you the ease you crave. Or at least, that's what I think. Thoughtful poem. I really like it. love, Allie C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Julia Klimenova 06 August 2006

Our life goes by contraries and that's what I love most. An easy road can lull you to sleep and you'll miss out on much. Warmly, Julia

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