The Eyes Have It- - -(A Tanka) Poem by Susan Williams

The Eyes Have It- - -(A Tanka)

Rating: 5.0

the man studied her
setting fire to the dark night
with eyes over-bright
and glittering with cold ice
her eyes begged for forgiveness
..............©July 4,2019 Susan Williams

A Tanka has 5-7-5-7-7
Hazel Durham 10 July 2019

Brilliant write, sinister, dark with the only light the cold menacing ice in his eyes!

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Susan Williams 19 July 2019

Yes! ! I knew you would see into the dark heart of this poem... sinister and menacing

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 August 2022

Wonderful write... quite insightful dear poetess. Top score and to my favourite! !

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Susan Williams 04 September 2022

Dr Dillip..... Thank you for appreciating this attempt to create an atmosphere of a short story in a terse few lines of poetry

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Susan Williams 13 September 2020

Wow! Mj, your observation gave me chills running up my spine... Lugosi and Chaney were terrifying in those movies... silence only made them more evil. Thank you for the 10, my friend! ! !

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Mj Lemon 09 September 2020

This is a very powerful verse, Susan. It catapulted me into a dreamland, flashes from old and silent films. I saw Lugosi and Chaney, their " eyes glittering with cold ice" . A perfect 10! !

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Soran M. H 03 February 2020

another special moment has been captured by an expert poet to tell us how we can understanding the language of eyes without speaking, very fine way of expression,10++++++as usual and thanks for sharing with us

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Susan Williams 17 February 2020

Soran, I cannot thank you enough for all the kindness and encouragement you have shown me and thank you for all the starry-eyed tens! ! ! !

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Nosheen Irfan 12 July 2019

A powerful piece that is so relevant to the world we live in. A world where fear rules. From a female's perspective, it is particularly significant. Her eyes begged for image that will linger in reader's mind. And i like the form of the poem too...and the fact that you were able to capture a vast theme in just five lines is certainly a feat. A sure 10.

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Susan Williams 19 July 2019

Thank you- -it encourages me to read this. I wanted this to have impact even though the form of the poem is very restrictive in number of words and their placement. Thank you, Nosheen, I respect your comments because you have such an intelligent and graceful pen. And thank you for the ten!

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