*the Glory Shall Be Mine... Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

*the Glory Shall Be Mine...

Rating: 3.7

I shall wait for that day
till the last ray of the sun,
when I rise at the peak
and be next to none..

I know this won't be easy,
but I don't like things that are.
What is the fun of fighting
when it is not a gruesome war! !

Take this as my confidence or
think I am heading for a fall,
'cause it doesnt make a difference
as it is better than not rising at all.

I can sense my time is coming
and it is smelling just so fine.
Hide your faces, you doubters! !
The glory shall be mine...

Ivor Hogg 20 February 2009

Positive thinking is the key to achievement

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 February 2009

I am not quite sure what war the writer is referring to, but the poem itself is masterful in its presentation to the reader. It is so good, in fact, I doubt if the readers of this will care which war he is referring to. The only important part here is the execution of this poem. It is so good, as to be magnificent. GW62

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Powerful write. just magnificient!

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Carl Harris 22 February 2009

It is refreshing to see that confidence of youth expressed so clearly in this fine poem, Vaibhav. Of course, it does not take in the harsh realities of life, where dreams do not come true nor are all hopes realized. However, I liked this poem, it's challenge almost carelessly thrown at the world as the young are wont to do. Glory is a nice but fleeting thing, but I hope you do attain your piece of it! Carl.

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Joseph Poewhit 23 February 2009

All wars are gruesome, good luck

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Yelena M. 05 September 2009

You have an amazing talent and I believe the glory you tell about shall be yours, Vaibhav. God bless. Y.M.

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Ritty Patnaik 18 August 2009

dear vaibhav......your poem shows, both spirit and ambition.young man i am happy, that you have a goal, and you want to show the world! great poem, lved reading it.best wishes. ritty

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Meggie Gultiano 20 July 2009

I can sense my time is coming and it is smelling just so fine. Hide your faces, you doubters! ! The glory shall be mine... i love this..a nice message

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Antonio Liao 03 May 2009

your poem finds heart in every readers....wonderful and beautiful indeed...thank you and God bless.......

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 11 April 2009

the confidence is reflected assertrively. shan

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