The Lord Of All Illusions Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

The Lord Of All Illusions

Rating: 3.7

The love that fate, in humor,
May grant a younger heart.
Will keep it pure and wholesome,
Though It's been torn apart.

As lost loves still engender
A pain at every turn.
A short term loss of memory
Is but their least concern.

But pleasure, ever present,
As all young lovers know;
When vested in such virgins,
Maintains an afterglow.

And built on firm illusions,
Young lovers, may, in vain;
Find mercy in believing,
Their love may live again.

So easily rekindled,
It only takes a spark.
Ignited by a kind word,
Into a flaming arc.

I caution every lover,
Don't be deceived by this.
It's only an illusion,
And one you should dismiss.

The myth words, here, are written.
A wisdom, best ignored.
The lord of all illusions,
'Lost love, can be restored '.

Patricia Gale 19 July 2008

The Grand illusion. Fine work G.

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Ted Sheridan 21 July 2008

I think this is one of your top writes.

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Sara Coslett 28 July 2008

Wolfey - Good advice, I have a feeling though people who are addicted to their life as a victim will not heed your warning. ~ Sara

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Rema Prasanna 29 July 2008

our legends say world itself is an illusion.. lord of illusion is an add on format to that. described well and it is a write with insight...10 and more stars Rema

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Dee Daffodil 15 August 2008

Wolfey...I don't think I had read this one before. I'm very impressed with the tremendous insight you have here... Nicely usual. Hugs, Dee

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manya 24 April 2018

Add a good. as. best

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Cristy Upshaw 09 June 2009

Love the title, enjoyed the read immensely. Took me to another place in time.

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i know about lost does hurt..this illusion keeps us going, , people would rea; ise and change

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~ Jon London ~ 06 March 2009

I think its important that we know what we have been blessed with, the lord works in mysterious ways, what is given so freely can and will be taken away.

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Underrated piece. I totally agree with the points you made. it is like backsliding.. the demons just become more...

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