The Rising Of The Lark Poem by David Wood

The Rising Of The Lark

Rating: 5.0

Night cast its cape aside and golden rays
Glanced across the early dawn,
A soft breeze rustled tired leaves
And began to melt the morning dew.

The lake in the wood began to wake from
Its slumber as mallard ducks and coots
Began shaking their cold weary feathers.
Jackdaws and blackbirds looked for worms.

High above a skylark called out in the morning air
Hovering above the wood and started collecting
Insects for its young, their beaks agape
Waiting for their breakfast.

Slowly the wood began to stir. The sound of a
Woodpecker echoed through the trees and a
Cuckoo’s haunting melody drifted high in the breeze.
All the time the skylark sang in the early dawn.

R.j. Wynn 16 June 2013

Another great one in the pocket eh!

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Farah Ilyas 16 June 2013

wao what a poem..nature start to move in front of my eyes..well done sir

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 16 June 2013

You put nature in front of the eyes and sounds ringing in the ears. Beautiful poem.

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Gajanan Mishra 16 June 2013

beautiful and lovely, thanks.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 November 2021

A soft breeze rustled tired leaves And began to melt the morning dew....I profusely admire the illustrious beauty of poetic expression. A wonderful poem dear poet.....5 stars.

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Shahzia Batool 17 June 2013

A perfect example of cadence, one can see the night's decline and the morning rise... very strong write! ! !

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Paul Brookes 17 June 2013

The pictures unfold cinematic and Technicolor Great journey BB: O)

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Valerie Dohren 16 June 2013

Beautiful, atmospheric poem, painting some lovely scenes. Very good David.

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Survi Sharma 16 June 2013

image created is awesome the perfect poem wid a perfect title what needs more from a poetry

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