The Secret Language Of The Solar System Poem by LeeAnn Azzopardi

The Secret Language Of The Solar System

Rating: 5.0

I watch the night's sky
And question how do the planets
Know the art of silence
Do they speak to each other with a language
No human can listen to
Why so silent Venus?
What about you Mars?
Will you speak yr secret to the Earth
As it's the only one who cannot speak
Or understand yr secret
And wonder how the universe began
If you know, will you speak the truth?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: universe,language
Anil Kumar Panda 08 November 2022

The universe is a pot of mysteries. It is very difficult to go deep into them. What we humans have learned is just a drop in the ocean. Nice write. Enjoyed.

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Sandra Feldman 08 November 2022

Very interesting concept. The language of the spheres for all who can decipher it and want to hear. There probably is some unifying factor among us but we have yet to find it. very imaginative and fascinating thoughts

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Sandra Feldman 08 November 2022

Poetically different, ideas well conceived that make up such a lovely work. Thank you!

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Seeking the answer to the question regarding the creation of the universe points to the curiosity that haunts the beings of the earth

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Smoky Hoss 08 November 2022

The voice of the universe, so seldom heard, even less often understood, but I love that you are trying and seeking. As we all should.

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Rob Lamberton 13 March 2024

"I watch the night's sky"

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Anjandev Roy 11 February 2024

Wonderful to read time and again...

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Rebecca Navarre 23 November 2022

Awesome! .. Definite Definite 5 Stars! ..++++++++++++++++++++++

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Rebecca Navarre 23 November 2022

Beautifully sculptured! .. Such heart moving thoughts! ..

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Aufie Zophy 17 November 2022

A superb imaginary conversation with the planets, bathing in the wisdom of silence. I enjoyed this poem very much

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