The Simple Art Poem by Mary Spain

The Simple Art

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes I wonder, Lord, just what you plan
For me. It isn't power, or great success,
Or tranquil and domestic happiness
That flows from motherhood; and though I can
Do several things a little better than
One might expect, I really must confess
To no outstanding gift. Yet, nonetheless,
I have a sense that since my life began
It has been planned by you. What might appear
An accident, or Fate's perversity,
Is seen, when my objections disappear,
To be your act of generosity.
I wonder, Lord, perhaps you put me here
To learn the simple art of being me.

Michael Shepherd 07 August 2006

Mary, should you date this lovely poem, or leave its fragrance to eternity? Three huge cheers to Poemhunter for bringing it and the world together.

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Joseph Daly 07 August 2006

I concur with Michael, this is a truely magnificent sonnet. The mastery of the form is yours. So you have suceeded in something, and greatly as well. Again, you use the form to pose a philisophical (theological) question and the resolution is, as the title suggests, simple.

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Ernestine Northover 21 August 2007

Very well produced. Lovely conversation with the Lord, on things we all would like an answer to. Good subject matter. Delightful read. Love Ernestine XXX

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Chitra - 01 September 2008

nice one, living itself is an art and it is your inner self signature mark your essence is you your soul is what makes you

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Pushkar Bisht 14 September 2008

I wonder, Lord, perhaps you put me here To learn the simple art of being me. Of course, he puts you for a great task to do something special for the world. God tells you everything in your ears.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 25 January 2010

Dear Mary, We believe this sonnet is 'an outstanding gift' for us. May The Lord bless you for further beautiful pieces of such 'simple art'! Many Thanks.

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~ Jon London ~ 13 April 2009

A golden flow of ones heartful trust and belief in all that gives so freely.

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Yasser Koor 01 December 2008

nice poem and great express. how a wonderful to that imagination, , , and the rhyme it is success, , happiness, , , plan, , , than well done

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Dr.subhendu Kar 13 November 2008

wonderful expression, introspective by strong belif in God, yet a luscious glow through ingenuity, well penned,10+++, thanks for shatring

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Sarwar Chowdhury 28 September 2008

Ammmmazing thought beautifully expressed.............10

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