The Traveler

Rating: 4.7

The way seemed too attractive so I go
The other way is dense and they were few
I walk into the path I wanted to
But, I realized that I walk away from you

I'm a traveler who walks miles to find you
And I won't stop till I find
The road may seemed to be tarnished
with pain and strife…

I'm traveling only to find you
It may cost my life and everything
I realized walking without you
Is an emptiness in life…
So now, I want to walk with you.

I've never felt this happiness before
Until I give my life and give my all
He walks with me and I find the real joy
That I never felt and I've never known before

No body knows where the road may go...
Before I believed that this life has no destiny
Until then I've met the Savior who show me the way
to go.


Sathyanarayana M V S 25 July 2008

I liked the third stanza most. The poem has the structure and tone to suit the feeling, so wonderfully expressed. sathya narayana

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Maria Isabel Oropeza 25 July 2008

Wow. I truly enjoyed this poem. It makes me want to go discover new things and 'take a walk'. Thank you very much for this poem. Elizabeth

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Jhane Reyes 25 July 2008

its a beautiful poem! ! ! inspiring, , , , , really best! i like it....thanks jhane

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Ency Bearis 24 July 2008

A nice spiritual inspirational verses...nicely A10 Best Wishes, Ency Bearis

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Rey Benipayo 31 October 2008

i agree i enjoy it

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Sarwar Chowdhury 03 August 2008

I enjoyed it........10+

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Greenwolfe 1962 27 July 2008

The first verse was excellant and had a nice pace and rhythm to it. The middle of the poem lost the rhythm and the pace. The last verse, had none of the beauty of the first. It also ended abruptly. I felt as if the idea was wonderful. The presentation, however, really hurt the poem. GW62

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Patricia Gale 26 July 2008

Inspirational piece.... well done

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Colin Jeffery 26 July 2008

A very moving poem by a poet of merit.

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