Tribute To The Fallen Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Tribute To The Fallen

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Blood red poppies
Cascade battlements
Flooding moat.

Each poppy for a soldier's life
Lost upon foreign battlefield
Son, brother, father, uncle
Never returning home.

As long as the wind blows
Sun and moon reign
Day and night the heavens
They shall be remembered.

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: war
Britain commemorated British and Commonwealth fallen soldiers of the First World War at the Tower of London, on Armistice day,2014, one hundred years after the war started.888,246 poppies - - one for every fallen soldier.
Rajnish Manga 15 November 2014

A soldier, who sacrificed his life for the sake of his country, has been aptly described as: A son, brother, father, uncle Never to return home to those he loves. A tribute by those who were left behind echoes in your wonderful poem. Great work

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 November 2014

One hundred years has passed And still their sacrifice is remembered Given in blood to keep the world free Creating this land safe from oppression. Very nice poem and really an excellent writing shared on.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 29 April 2015

Great and touching tribute. Of all your war poems, I think I liked this the most.

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Sreelekha Premjit 24 January 2015

Your poem is so universal in its content, line of thought..a soldier anywhere, one who sacrificed his lives for others. What is it about a human being that pushes him to put others interest above his own, what is it about soldiers that goads them to face that fatal bullet, knowing the inevitable! Lovely write! Thank you.

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Fabrizio Frosini 15 December 2014

a good reading your tribute to the fallen of WW1 - a tribute to all soldiers, anytime, who sacrificed their lives in the most horrific and stupid sin of us human beings: war!

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Patricia Grantham 22 November 2014

A very nice tribute to our fallen soldiers. They should never be forgotten. Will remain always in our hearts. Nice.

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Amitava Sur 21 November 2014

Liked the tribute being conferred the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the cause of mother land who will never return home again.

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