Understand Me Poem by Steven Pimentel

Understand Me

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Laying in this cold room
thinking about the times
I've been misunderstood

I wish my parents were young
& could understand me
that I have to change
just for my friends can like me

Mom do you understand me?

YOu ask how i got bad grades
& why do I come home late

I'm fine mom
I got friends now
trust me I'm great..

i am not trying to be cool
i just need a friend..
a person i can talk too
about sex & other things

i can't tell you everything
mom i told you
talk to you about sex
thats to disrespectful..

Bele Lele 11 July 2009

Intresting one.I like it, ,

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A T 11 July 2009

I can understand where your coming from but you must have forgot your parents were young at one time and they do understand you it just that they are afraid for you... but enough with my advice i really did like the poem very real and true

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Lola Hi 11 July 2009

good poem, but most of us think that our parents don't understand but they understand us well and it's true that we can't talk about everything with our parents, we always need a friend.

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Natasha Wellington 11 July 2009

You Have such a Talent. Loving This Poem its So True; About Teenage Lifestyle; pretty much what everyone goes through!

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Christina Phan 11 July 2009

You amazing writer 10+ Our parents forgets whts like to be a teenager n they cant understnd sometimes Kept it up

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

your mother understands you well....you are the one who misunderstood her! ! ! she loves you and she is the one who cares for you.....talk to her in every thing...i just do this with my mum....

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Christine Kerr 18 July 2009

I see a great song writer in the works here, Baring your soul takes guts and helps get rid of a heavy load. Your on the right road of becoming the real you. Your writing tells me, 'This is who I am, so like me for who I am. Well Done 10+++

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Ruth Walters 14 July 2009

I've two sons and they talk to me about everything, no shame at all, no disrespect. We talk about everything from A - Z I know some parents find this hard but it should be easy, really and it brings you closer together. Ruthy

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Angelic Warrior 13 July 2009

great write.....yeah it feels like that a lot don't it....parents say they understand but they really can't...its a new era.....things change with time.....got any older siblings...their the best to ask questions......very nice

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. . 13 July 2009

There should be no disrespect in speaking to your parents about the things we face as adults. I know how you feel, I've been there. Just take it slow there is so much to know and you will learn more as you begin to grow. :)

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