We Could Of. - The Boy Part Poem by Steven Pimentel

We Could Of. - The Boy Part

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Listen baby

you will never lose me
even if i die tommrow
you will never lose me ..

ill be there when your lonely
& never leave you in the dark
ill tell you that i love you
i can't see this fall apart..

i miss you
& I'm sorry that i mistreat you
your like a angel
flying over me
& I'm like the guy with the pistol..

I'm sorry when i made you cry
i never should of lied..
i know this sound like the same song
but i just want you to take me back
so we can really go far..


Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 12 July 2009

The construction of the sentences is so well and the words used could have convinced any girl you used to love.Good job bro!

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Lola Hi 12 July 2009

keep on doing this you're really good on making second parts

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Omar Ibrahim 25 July 2009

God bless your talent!

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Randy Hogan 16 July 2009

party girl is sitting next to me, , , she said its cool! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! so if you find the time check her out......Poet 'party Girl' she is foxy.... Peace

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Ritty Patnaik 16 July 2009

easy flowing poem, from a simple heart.written well, keep it up.

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Kerry O'Connor 14 July 2009

I have read over many of your poems today, steven, and I enjoy your simplicity of structure. This poem is my favourite. Good use of contrast with a sincere and loving tone. Thanks for sharing.

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Natasha Wellington 12 July 2009

The Girl Part; Part One (= i Lay on My Bed And Wonder Why, Whats The Reason For My Cry, is It a Plead? To Make me Stop And Think Before i Bleed. or is It Cause i think of All the Words You Said, The ones i Wish Weren't in My Head. otherwise it Just Might Be That Soon You'll Stop Loving Me... Now; i Don't Want To Loose You, i Just Want Your Words To be True So Make Me Believe They Are; & Maybe We Can Go Far. Thankyou So Much (=

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