Vincent Van Gogh 27 - Brave The Storm Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 27 - Brave The Storm

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Life is like a boat,
It appears to move calmly in serene lake.
That's when you feel
Like a swan moving in tranquil water.
But then, a sudden storm in your life
Can completely change
Your outlook,
Your mood,
your emotion,
Your situation
The course of your life too!
However valiant, you begin to fear
Whether you will brave or survive
The terrible storm!

The situation in Marcasse was like a storm.
Vincent became despondent.
He could not bear to see the miners coughing,
Staggering their way home battling the freezing wind,
The icy earth, hitting, biting their bodies with fierceness.
Vincent pulled out all his clothes.
He had five shirts, three suits of underwear,
Four pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes and an extra coat.
He rushed to the shivering miners and distributed them.
When the February salary arrived, he spent it all
For food and medicine for the miserable miners.
Vincent was left with hardly anything.
He starved, became thin and emaciated. But he still
Ran around with fever, hollow cheeks and a shrunken body.

The situation worsened,
When the oldest child of Decrucq became ill with typhoid.
They had only two beds, which the parents shared.
If the children were put on floor, they would develop pneumonia.
Vincent decided to carry the sick child to his shack and lay him on his bed.
Decrucq, though tired and ill, just followed Vincent dragging his injured leg,
Vincent transferred the child to his bed and nursed him.
Later, he went to the Denises' to request for some straw to sleep on.
He had no bed or blanket for himself. Madam Denis was aghast.
She offered him his room, free of cost. But Vincent refused.
Vincent was cold, shivering and completely worn out.
He was hungry, delirious with fever with awkward mannerisms.
Yet, he stuck to his objective of collective service to the community.
A rare story of exemplary service to people.

A Biographical Poem!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: true,story,life,struggle,miners,service
This poem is a biographical poem on the famed painter- Vincent Van Gogh. All information on Vincent Van Gogh is taken and is based on two great books - ‘Lust for life' & ‘Dear Theo' - a biography and an autobiography respectively, penned by the famed American Author - Irving Stone. A moving story of the miners that will touch every compassionate heart. The life of a miner is so hard and depressing. Writing these poems on the miners, I was really moved to tears. I can imagine what Vincent felt. It also shows the determination and will power that Vincent possessed. Reviving and continuing the story of Vincent Van Gogh after a month's gap. Dear friends and Poets, hope you will continue to read these poems. Ever obliged for your kind comments.
Vrinda 24 September 2022

Well written meaningful poem.

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 23 September 2022

"A rare story of exemplary service "… indeed. What a life! What a poem! Thank You, Geeta, for sharing this poem on the life of the great man.

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Richard Wlodarski 23 September 2022

Welcome back, Geeta and Vincent! And what a return! Poetry at its finest! An absolutely fantastic tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 22 September 2022

I am glad you are finishing this series because I want to know how it turns out

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