Vincent Van Gogh 3 - Letters To Brother Theo Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 3 - Letters To Brother Theo

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There was only one human being
In the whole world
That Vincent Van Gogh
Trusted implicitly,
Confided whole heartedly,
And poured out his emotions.
That was his brother Theo!

Vincent's profound feelings,
His thoughts of anguish and fear,
His joy of painting,
His utter poverty,
His love for nature,
The ecstasy of completing a painting,
Everything was communicated through letters.

Just as his days were spent in painting,
His nights were spent in writing long letters.
All to his brother Theo - his soul mate,
Letters of amazing revelations,
That ranged from optimism to pessimism,
A complex mind that battled between hope and despair,
A life veiled by pain and loneliness.

Vincent Van Gogh 3 - Letters To Brother Theo
Monday, April 25, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: personality,art,artistic work,letters,brother
Vincent Van Gogh lived a short life of 37 years only (1853 -1890) . But he left behind a fabulous legacy of marvellous paintings. Along with his paintings, a whole lot of letters were found that gives a clear picture of Vincent Van Gogh as a man, as an artiste, his life, his thoughts and his philosophy. Through my poems, I would like to highlight his paintings as well as his letters to his brother - a biography of this exceptional painter. Dear Friends, hope you will enjoy reading the story of one of the greatest painters of this world.
Bri Edwards 25 April 2022

'implicitly'...I assume THIS (one of 3 I found) definition is what you mean: 'without question or reservation; absolutely'.

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Bri Edwards 25 April 2022

My mate and I visited the Van Gogh art museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and I was surprised to see art by quite a few other artists there. One of Vincent's was HUGE, maybe 20 by 30 feet?

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Bri Edwards 25 April 2022

Probably you've heard about his ear (left one?) . I think he cut his finger and toe nails also. ;) bri

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 April 2022

Van Goh is indeed one of the greatest painters this world has ever produced. Yet, his personality is embedded with so much loneliness and pain. I had the opportunity to attend a showcase of his works featuring his 'bedroom paintings'. The play of colors in his paintings are also extraordinary.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 April 2022

Another wonderful series, Dr. Geeta. It is a great opportunity to know the life and paintings of an extraordinary man through your wonderful pen.

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Rajnish Manga 17 May 2022

Van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo were truly insightful as you've rightly said- A complex mind that battled between hope and despair.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 27 April 2022

Great tribute to a painter that touched your artistic nerve to write a fantastic poem for him. Full *****

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 27 April 2022

Through this beautiful poem, you have given a fascinating look at the life of a great and talented man. I love the wonderful picture, too. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 April 2022

Very nicely written poem about a great painter Revered poet menon.All your bio poems are enjoyed by me.

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Sandra Feldman 26 April 2022

Dear Geeta, your enormous and beautiful talent is so apparent in these bio-poems about great artist and men. They are more powerful and lasting than a prose biography because yopu so well, manage to communicate their human essence and presence. Thank you for these priceless and unique gifts.

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