Vincent Van Gogh 61 - Cousin Anton Mauve Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 61 - Cousin Anton Mauve

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After the non-committal, evasive, meeting with Tersteeg
And his disappointing, discouraging comments,
Vincent had one more hope in Anton Mauve.
Anton was a relative from his mother's side,
In fact, a close relative, a well-known painter too.
It was Theo's suggestion that the visit to The Hague
Would be incomplete if he did not meet Anton Mauve.

Anton Mauve's mother-in law was the sister
Of Vincent's mother- Anna Cornelia.
The strong family ties were visible as they received
Vincent with warmth, into their spacious house.
Mauve greeted Vincent very cordially, led him
Through the garden, walled by hedges into an art studio,
A beautiful atelier, where Anton worked in peace.

Anton Mauve was a heavily built man
With broad shoulders, a large chest,
A big head, with a square forehead,
Bright eyes, a straight nose, grey bearded
On an oval face, full of energy and vitality.
He painted and painted in his pretty studio,
When tired, he would again paint and paint.

Apart from his painting, Anton was a happy man
Living in luxury with his dear wife and children.
Madam Mauve insisted that Vincent should join them
For supper. After a sumptuous meal, the whole family
Sat by the fireplace, so relaxed chatting with children.
Vincent wished! Alas, if only he had a home of his own
With a loving wife, children who loved and respected him!

Back in the studio with Anton Mauve, after a pleasant time
With family, Vincent pulled out the copies of other paintings.
Mauve looked at them carefully with a professional eye.
He opined that the copies were of no importance at all,
As the original work belonged to some other artiste.
Vincent should make his own paintings to prove his worth.
That's when Vincent took out his paintings of Borinage & Brabant.

After his experience with Tersteeg, just a day ago,
Vincent was reluctant to show his original work.
But then, he decided to show it to his cousin Mauve.
Mauve looked at Vincent's paintings with interest.
After a while, he came over to Vincent's side,
Put his hand on Vincent's shoulders affectionately.
‘It's all right! ' He said. ‘You are on the road.'

Anton Mauve gave his verdict softly to Vincent.
'Your sketches are clumsy, But they are authentic.
They have a certain vitality and rhythm, I haven't found
Very often. Throw away your copy books Vincent;
Buy yourself a paint box. The sooner you begin working
In colour, the better it will be for you.Your drawing is only
Half bad now. You can keep improving it as you go along.'

A Biographical Poem

Vincent Van Gogh 61 - Cousin Anton Mauve
Monday, March 13, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: art,artistic work
These poems are biographical poems on the famed painter- Vincent Van Gogh. All information on Vincent Van Gogh is taken and is based on two great books - ‘Lust for life' & ‘Dear Theo' - a biography and an autobiography respectively, penned by the famed American Author - Irving Stone. Dear friends and Poets, Thank you so much for reading this series on Vincent Van Gogh's life. I am ever grateful to all the poets who are reading these poems. I do hope you will continue to read them. Ever obliged for your kind comments. When Vincent reached The Hague and entered the Art galleries of Goupil & company, he felt humbled. This was a grand place inhabited by the rich and famous. Will his humble paintings of diggers, farmers, miners and labourers ever be appreciated? Will any one buy it? His thoughts proved right. Mijnheer Tersteeg looked at Vincent's work and condemned it as quite bad. Things turned out different when he met his cousin Anton Mauve, the very next day. His review of Vincent's paintings, was critical but constructive, genuine yet encouraging. Vincent thought it was an auspicious moment of his life. Vincent Van Gogh Painting - Congregation leaving the reformed church in Neunen 1884 - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.
Anil Kumar Panda 13 March 2023

Beautifully inked. Enjoying.

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Richard Wlodarski 23 March 2023

What a difference a cousin makes! And once again, Theo has steered Vincent in the right direction! Unlike so many others in his life! There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel!

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M. Asim Nehal 15 March 2023

Geeta Ji so far you kept the series alive with minute details. Wonderful series- informative and enjoyable both.

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Rajnish Manga 15 March 2023

This part reveals tells about Anton Mauve, his life, working style and his opinion about Vincent's drawings and paintings. It has been a remarkable journey so far. Thanks, Geeta ji, for such an exciting series.

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Anjandev Roy 13 March 2023

Brilliantly usual.....

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Good poem. A positive change comes in Vincent van Gogh's life.

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