Childhood Poems: 446 / 500

Walking Away From Your Life

You've seen the huge piles out at the curb.
Have you ever wondered how it got there?
How could somebody just walk away
from everything they own?

Throughout my childhood it happened...
My parents fought.....
one of them would tell us to jump in the car.
We could'nt grab anything
just go.
The other one would lose the house
with all its contents.
So we would have to start over...

I still go back to those houses
in my dreams.
I go back there to reclaim my stuff.
My toys are still thrown around my room.
My clothes (and secret writings) are
still in my drawers.

Next time you see the huge pile out at the curb
think about the family.
What could be so messed up
that they just walk away from everything they own?
It happens...

Raynette Eitel 25 October 2005

Mary, you should try writing in this genre more often. This is fine free verse. Those of us who have had that kind of childhood can really identify. Raynette

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Shelley B. Keats 25 October 2005

well done-and a subject worth pondering!

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Michael Shepherd 25 October 2005

Well, Mary, you don't need advice about writing 'free verse' when you do it as well as this direct and honest and moving might possibly think of shortening it at the end, because finally commenting on one's own vividly described situation sometime detracts from the emotional force of that description... but congratulations!

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Ulrike Gerbig 25 October 2005

a very true and moving piece! ulrike

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Alice Vedral Rivera 25 October 2005

Well done, Mary. avr

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Terry B 06 April 2006

Oh..Wow. This was indeed a moving read. Sounds so much like my own childhood, Even brought a few tears to my eyes. This had to bring many emotions to surface as you wrote it, you are a strong soul. Very well done!

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Brian Dorn 16 March 2006

Sad poem. I often wonder, when I see a rundown abandoned house, who might have lived there? After reading your poem, I'll be thinking even more.

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Lucy Burrow 07 November 2005

Thank you for baring your soul, this is beautiful in its naked honesty. At least it has been put to good use writing such powerful poetry. Regards, Lucy x

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Indiscreet Episode 25 October 2005

Mary, this is a deeply moving account of a fractured childhood. Even people that did not go through such turmoil in their childhoods can relate to it's feeling. I'm sure that anyone who's ever simply driven by 'a pile' and not taken a moment to consider the story behind it will do so now.

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Ernestine Northover 25 October 2005

What can one say, Mary, everyone has already said it, I think. Very good indeed. Sincerely Ernestine

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