' What Is A Great Guy? ', She Asked Her Mom.... [loneliness; Choosing A Mate; Medium; Bri's Advice Column; Serious, Seriously! ] Poem by Bri Edwards

' What Is A Great Guy? ', She Asked Her Mom.... [loneliness; Choosing A Mate; Medium; Bri's Advice Column; Serious, Seriously! ]

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When it comes to saying which guy is Great,
it is really up to each gal (or guy) to rate ….
for themselves, …..though I'll give THIS advice:
'Don't ever marry the same guy twice! '

I'm writing this for a special friend of mine.
She's mixed up, but someday she may be fine.
A guy she loved (loves?) broke her heart,
when, for various reasons, they both did part.

She's my stepdaughter N, and a teacher now.
But to the heartache-of-loneliness she does bow …
TOO OFTEN! She's got herself in a depressing rut;
some days aren't bad, while others wrench her gut.

Her Mom and I will always wish her the best.
Sometimes all she may need is lots of rest.
It's tough on her, but it's tough on her Mom too.
If she were your kid, what would YOU do?

N once said she sometimes wishes Mom would 'just listen'….
when in N's two lonely eyes teardrops do glisten.
Phone calls sometimes end in hanging up (one or the other) :
sometimes the hang-upper is N; sometimes it's her mother.

I DO have some more concrete thoughts on this subject.
N may choose to hold onto some and others she may reject.

N, find a guy who makes you happy more than he does not.
Find a guy who has a job or is seriously looking for one, a lot.
Find a guy who's not been scared by a former failed marriage.
Find a guy who doesn't marry expecting a baby carriage.

Find one without a serious anger problem or poor self esteem.
[Of course guys AND gals are not always really what they seem! ]
Find one who does the dishes; it doesn't matter 'slow' or 'quick'.
But it DOES matter if, to an important task, a person doesn't stick.

Of course 'looks' can be important for both of you. A healthy body too.
But it's, after all, the qualities in one's brain and heart ……..
which can kill a relationship eventually, if not from the start.

Good luck, N, with killing the nagging loneliness bug.
If you were here right now I could give you a hug …
which might not help much, but you never know.
Remember, I'm a phone call away if you've got steam to blow.

(September 4,2014)

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,relationships
yes, another hang up today. N blames her mom sometimes and herself other times, for not being with her 'ex'. i don't suppose he was at all to blame! after all, he IS a MAN! ! ! ! :)

i'll send this to N. will it help? who knows? ? : (
Crystal Pierce 18 April 2017

I really like this... I'm kinda struck a little, this reminds me very much so of my mom and kid sister.

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Bri Edwards 02 June 2023

A belated 'thanks' to you, Crystal. ;)

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Cowboy Ron Williams 13 March 2022

Your best poem ever, I'm sure, but I haven't read them all; will have to read more.

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 05 October 2014

What is great guy, many ask, Good luck in explaining nicely in poem. Nice job on sharing beautiful poem.

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Bharati Nayak 04 November 2023

A very sound advice to the distraught daughter.I hope, your daughter would have liked it in case you sent it to her.

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Bri Edwards 28 October 2023

Please, let there be MORE READERS HERE! ! ! ! Thanks, Readers! ! ! ! : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 06 November 2022

I give five stars. You may vote with an honest comment, dear reader. ;) bri

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Bri Edwards 06 November 2022

Wow! Another person visited here. Make that TWO did, this year, only 5 years since the previous comments. ;) Thanks to any future (and past) visitors. bri ;)

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Kim Barney 13 March 2022

Finally, a serious poem from Bri! Not his first one, but as Cowboy Ron said, this one may be his very best. Thanks for posting.

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Bri Edwards 13 March 2022

CORRECTION: This is ONE of my very best! ! ! Of course, ALL of my poems are GREAT. Hee hee. bri ;) Thanks, Kim, for comment.

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