Where Was Heaven? . Poem by JOSE MURGUIA

Where Was Heaven? .

Rating: 4.5

where was heaven?
when my father died,
with tears in my eyes i cried,

where was heaven?
when i was in jail,
when i was broke and couldn't post bail,

where was heaven?
when i smoked crack,
when my grandfather died from a hart attack,

where was heaven?
when i was broke?
when people looked at me funny and thought i was a joke,

where was heaven?
when i asked god for forgiveness,
when my cousin got murdered and there was no witness,

where was heaven?
when i asked for one more try,
when i had thoughts of suicide,

where was heaven?
when we wanted to end the war,
when america said no more,

where was heaven?
where was heaven on september eleven,
ask yourself where was heaven?

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

Argenis Hernandez 18 January 2009

DAAAAMMN! jose. I really dug this one. I can relate to this so well. It speaks to people in a time when they are so full with emotions and the environment you come from. I'll add to my favorites

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, , , , , , 18 January 2009

wow i love this poem that's a question that everyone will ask at some stage of their lives but you put it so beautifully

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Mark Fenton 19 January 2009

Life is...'where was heaven? ' at some point/s. Such is life. Loved it.

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Jose This is a heartfelt poem and very very sad. You have brought so much emotion in with your words. Heaven is a state of consciousness and we all create our own reality and there is a simple law of the universe which is what goes around comes around. Once we know this we can record what happens to us and what transpires as a result. Even in the face of death we can chose what we do. So, keep up the good work writing! It is a therapy in itself......Karin Anderson

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Greenwolfe 1962 19 January 2009

This is an excellant poem. Top marks. All the elements of a great poem are there. Bravo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! GW62

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Leeona (XOXOs) Sugakixs 20 September 2009

mmm mmm! 'Where was heaven? ' i ve questioned that too. is there even a heaven? but now i do believe there is one. If you have kids or baby cousins, neices or nephews, just children period are are PROOF THAT THERE IS! but i feel you 'where was heaven when..... when i was going through my nightmares? 'where was heaven during nine eleven? ' you know something else it's not gods fault. he gave the ability to choose right from wrong. yeah i thought about why couldn't he stop them and save all those people and why wont he bring peace to the middle east or why wont he stop little children from dying and having horrible horrible things from happening to them WHY? Where is heaven while all this happens? Lee

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Deborah Cromer 19 August 2009

You are here to write about it. Without any heaven, things would be worse. Hard to imagine, but true. You write words of such deep feelings and thoughts. You have a way of choosing words and creating emotion. In your writing you give vision to life and it's ways. A talent exercised in every line of your work. DC

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question we can ask but will never know great poem...

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Kelvin Karani 21 January 2009

Keep asking friend and maybe an answer will come! But if I were you, I wouldnt ask because I dont believe in heaven! Great piece there!

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Mona Martinez 20 January 2009

well said. people say there's a heaven but, when you need it the most, it seems as if it nowhere to be found.

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