While Playing My Guitar Poem by Silentpoet Grl

While Playing My Guitar

Rating: 4.9

gently strumming my guitar
soft music fills the air
quietly humming along
thoughts begin floating
getting carried away
with notes beautifully played
approaching you reach out
taking my hand, leading me
finding our secret escape
twirling along with the chorus
lyrics written so perfect
matching our special moment
smiling, pulling me closer
you steal a kiss from me
more rapidly the song plays
matching our hearts fluttering
dancing and laughing
enjoying the sweet melody
till all too soon we begin fading
slowing, this perfect songs ending
leaving, whispering you love me
alone again, just dreaming
of what might have been
while quietly playing my guitar.

Kelly Seale 21 August 2012

Through your music, your words... his spirit lives, his heart beats in tune with yours dancing together to a soft and lovely melody...and your heart sings! Silentpoet Grl, .. This is quite beautifful, and affected my heart greatly. ty tyvm.; -) -Kelly.

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Kara Towe 11 January 2012

Beautiful write. So endearing, but also sad. You have a lot of emotion here. Pulled my heart stings. Thank you for sharing, You're awesome!

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Bulletcookie 2017 20 December 2011

Touched that chord of feelings and fantasy. Very well written.

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You write well... the emotions are all there.

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Dave Walker 30 October 2011

Really like this a really good poem. A great write.

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