Silentpoet Grl Poems

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A Cry For Help

collapsed in tears of pain
so lost in heavy confusion
how did things get so messed up
Please help me now is all i can say

Porcelain Doll

broken, the porcelain doll is laying
tossed aside, used and shattered.
her once fair perfect porcelain skin
now cracked and crimson stained

Unfading Scars

shame I can not hide
ugliness clearly displayed
shattered life never mended
brokenness written upon flesh


i was in tears as i walked away
nothing would ever be the same
heavy words i so longed to say,
- silence - as none could escape.

My Mind

my mind is like a loaded gun
pressure is building, ticking
a final act pushes the limit
breaking me even further down

Breathe Again...

wishing for just a single moment
maybe i could hold your attention
and share the things on my heart.
would we for a moment disappear?

Unforgiving Demons

in the darkness always lurking
hungry for all control, preying
shadows dance across walls
their presence enclose tightly

Blood Thirsty Shadows

empty silence surrounds,
hushing all that's around
darkness engulfs the light
creating shadows of shame,

While Playing My Guitar

gently strumming my guitar
soft music fills the air
quietly humming along
thoughts begin floating

Dance With My Blade

melancholy music fills the air
as i plan my beautiful escape
finding rest for my wearied soul
tonight i shall dance with my blade

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