Unfading Scars Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Unfading Scars

Rating: 4.9

shame I can not hide
ugliness clearly displayed
shattered life never mended
brokenness written upon flesh
ashamed of unfading scars
tormented battle rages in my mind
screaming- just lay down the knife
weakness, failing again
as another scar is traced
bottled up tears releasing
washing over crimson wrists
desperate wishes to end this
a battle painfully lost,
and already started again
as another cut spills more shame.

Eric Cockrell 07 February 2012

a passionate sadness, tormenting, tearing at the soul... may you find peace!

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Charles Darkly 09 February 2012

One of the most painful poems I've ever read. The world needs this kind of brutal honesty from those brave enough to record it and share it. Thank you SPG.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 14 February 2012

Well captured emotions in this sad poem, yes those scars are the sign of your victory, they are there because you went through hardships...understand 'YOU WENT THROUGH IT', so you conquered it, it didnt kill you my friend..all the best.

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(De Va) 15 February 2012

Some scars will never heal, some can be covered, but...some will be healed only with time and patience....blessings, little one.

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Pheko Motaung 22 February 2012

A great poem! So honest and true.Thank you very much

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Jk M 18 January 2021

Stunning and haunting ❤️

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 March 2016

Shattered life never mended! ! Nice work.

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Kelly Seale 09 August 2012

So intense! Yes, that's the word. Please, read some of my words, Silent Scream / A Rose by Anyother Name... ect, there is more, so much more! Great Ink! -Kelly

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Captain Cur 19 May 2012

An ugly topic beautifully written. The conflict in emotions resolved in words, because these words touch us the readers. We all have scars, whether visible or hidden. The wounds heal but the marks remain. Each healed scar must remind us that we have won that particular battle. Now we all must resolve to win the war!

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Joe Black 28 April 2012

Wonderful write. Very vividly written. thank you and continue writing.

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