Unforgiving Demons Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Unforgiving Demons

Rating: 5.0

in the darkness always lurking
hungry for all control, preying
shadows dance across walls
their presence enclose tightly
long, sharp fingernails grazing
slicing me as they twirl angrily.
crimson bleeds into darkness
staining it with regret and pain
encircling, shadows taunt me
eyes glowing, voices haunting
powerfully overtaking my mind
as the demons gain all control
strong hate burns deep inside
searing pain flows through veins,
every torturous act they bestow
each cut tearing away more life
hisses saying all i will never be,
purpose is forcefully ripped away
vivid dreams soon fade, diminish
molded into morbid nightmares
lurking unforgiving demons, wait
hungrily, sharpening their claws
eagerly waiting for the next game

Deep Mukherjee 17 January 2012

mystic, cryptic, delusional, but yet very very powerful! ! ! !

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Brianna Winebarger 13 January 2012

it is sad and crypitic. it pianted a vivd picture in my head. i could pratically feel the pain the narrator is in. fantastic.

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Kara Towe 15 January 2012

Great write! ! ! I believe there are demons and that they can attach themselves to people with out them even knowing it. A person can be rid of them by calling upon the Holy Spirit and also being anointed by a fellow believer of Christ while being prayed over. If you are being tormented by demons then you know there is another world most don't see. So to take the next step wouldn't be a far one. Dear Father, I call upon the Holy Spirit to fill your body and command by the power of Christ you are leased by these demons. Amen

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Richard Jarboe 03 January 2012

at least demons are consistent and predictable. Good one. ric

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Dave Walker 03 January 2012

A great poem, our demons are always there, We have to try keep them at bay, until one day we beat them. A great write.

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(De Va) 22 February 2012

your words never cease to amaze me, you talent is better than some professionals I have read...blessings....DeVa

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Sara Fielder 25 January 2012

Terrifying, gothic like visuals. I feels chills running down my spine.10+

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Jonny Brackney 24 January 2012

i like it. reminds me of my poem titled 'night'. your writing style reminds me of my own about a year ago. keep writing. you're onto something. my only suggestion might be to slim your poems a bit. some of them are a bit too fat, and sometimes less words say more.

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Smack Thompson 17 January 2012

usually i don't like when people write about cutting or feeling like this because it seems so fake but your words and descriptions make me believe you and put you way above the rest i'll read more and rate this a ten

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Sharron Stephenson 17 January 2012

pleasedo not let the demons win you have a gift use the pen to help

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