Dance With My Blade Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Dance With My Blade

Rating: 5.0

melancholy music fills the air
as i plan my beautiful escape
finding rest for my wearied soul
tonight i shall dance with my blade
dancing we twirl across my wrist
blood flowing, spilling out pain
bringing sweet crimson release
each twirl so eloquently agonizing
spilling out haunting memories
brings relief for this tortured soul
as blood drips from my sharp blade
music fades as the dance slows
but the blood continues to flow
collapsing everything fades to black,
i realize tonight, my sharp blade,
we also closely danced with death.

Crimson Love 18 November 2011

'music fades as the dance slows but the blood dost continue to flow' Truly immaculate lines, we all often dance with the blade, and death hand in hand, but we can't let such things consume us. Beautiful poem.

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Ebi Robert 18 November 2011

i wonder what your soul carry when making this. But i must confess, this is beautiful.

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Cosmic Dreamer 18 November 2011

Life and death are opposite sides of the same coin, without death life would be meaningless... We all dance with death on a daily basis, however some of feel the need to taunt him... I love your poem...

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Marieta Maglas 21 November 2011

dangerous dance, but the poem is well written

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Dougie Darko 22 November 2011

Really nice the emotion! ! !

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Kara Towe 23 December 2011

You are so brave to have written this. Your will is strong, be careful how you use it. Your great will can be used to preserve, over come, conquer. So many are weak willed, and live by the sword that eventually destroys them. Your dance is the dance of your unharnessed power, your blood is spilling out your great will that is being subdued by pain. Your pain is great, your will is greater. There is greatness in you that is unseen, untapped. The greatness is in your soul to be a over comer, a conquer. You have a real talent. Thank you so dearly for sharing.

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Tristan Kayne 27 November 2011

That was beautifully written I could feel the emotion in the poem while I read it.

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 26 November 2011

I undesatnd how you feel...I am the same way but ive learend where t ocut so id ont take my life before i want to but still this poem ws breath taking great job

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A Lifetime Of Fame 25 November 2011

I can relate to this poem. Nice write!

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Cooper Gilliland 24 November 2011

haunting, amazing. Truly stunning. You paint a dark picture. I love it!

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