Wish To Disappear... Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Wish To Disappear...

Rating: 4.8

the night was loud again today
for the girl who couldn't sleep
so she went for a walk outside
all her thoughts dragging along
looking up at the shining moon
wondering where she went wrong
seeing the stars dance and play
her heart breaks a little more
wishing to be free from pain
laying in a cool field of grass
looking up to the night sky
wondering if this hurt will pass
or if she will ever finally belong
not wanting to return to chaos
slowly rolling down falls a tear
as she wishes on a falling star
she is longing to just disappear

Crimson Love 27 November 2011

Sometimes it would be nice to dissapear, yet it's hard to. Fantastic poem! : D

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Neetha Sasidharan 29 November 2011

wow! it is a gr8 poem

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Cosmic Dreamer 29 November 2011

Sometimes I feel like no-one else in the world can see me and what I do does not matter... Yet anonymity is my shield and it can help me become invincible... I love this one Silentpoet Grl... Keep em coming...

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Ron Pate 01 December 2011

Beautiful! This is a wonderful depiction of feeling.. Your words touch my heart..

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 02 December 2011

great poem, very touchy indeed!

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Kara Towe 11 January 2012

Really wonderful write! I felt like I was there laying in the grassy field, looking at the stars. Sometimes I wish I could disappear. I know the feeling well. You have such talent. Love this poem! Keep penning :)

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Unwritten Soul 09 December 2011

The things that should disappear from you are that feel, and something that kill your happiness, you dont have to responsibility by disappearing yourself as you better life is what you deserve...so go for it never let the negative grab it from you...we better fight in the game than surrender but have chance to win..at least we are real to ourself..have something we must get...you not alone in this fight, you are with your body, soul and mind...three components...so it's not fair if you force on of them disappear like that..OK? _Unwritten SOul

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Sonali Sings 07 December 2011

The night when surroundings are quite thoughts become loud leading to an inner tour..life sought with pain rejoices in tears. Great poem!

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Kevin East 07 December 2011

I feel your pain sp. Beautiful

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Vipins Puthooran 04 December 2011

May thy tears be disapper'd soon, , , Beautiful poem, , ,

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