Why Am I Afraid To Get Hurt? Poem by Steven Pimentel

Why Am I Afraid To Get Hurt?

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why am i afraid to get hurt?

because i know girls cheat too
i know they lie
even when i say i believe you..

but girl i know when you hurt me
you hurt too..

so why you hurt yourself?
this world is like a circle..

why you made me afraid to get hurt boo
me & you are the same
i got feelings
& i bleed too..

why baby?

Ritty Patnaik 13 July 2009

steve teenage love is immature and juvenile.some times this love and hate has no meaning, so take it in good spirits.enjoy life and focus on constructive things., which will give positive results.be strong enough not to allow hurt touch you.i enjoyed your poem though a sad one.

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Lola Hi 13 July 2009

what i will say! fantastic as usuall

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Melanie Guerrero 13 July 2009

: ] lovee ya poemsss! !

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Saadat Tahir 14 July 2009

a lament a question a cry...straight from the heart touching and well written cheres

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Venus McHeart 19 August 2009

i like your poem, n i have to say i hate when ppl say i love you only to turn their backs on them and cheat on then, or to forget about them...

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Omar Ibrahim 25 July 2009

excellent! ! ! ! it caught my fancy!

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Linda Weischedel 15 July 2009

Good poem, I give you a 10.

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because i know girls cheat too i know they lie even when i say i believe you.. once beaten, shame twice.... u should develop inner sonscinece to know person... u r good poet too...keep it up...10 read mine mary to marry... i miss you and how are u/////? anywehre will impress u

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Ruth Walters 14 July 2009

We're all afraid to be hurt, you, me and the rest of the world..... The boy, girl thing is difficult because it's not just about liking each other. it's about chemistry and if thats not there then all the friendship in the world isn't going to make a relationship and one party usually does get hurt. You have to roll with the 'punches' and have another go at love. Someday you're gonna meet someone that loves you just as much as you love them...... Ruthy

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