Why Fate Never Meant For Us To Be Together Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

Rose Marie Juan-austin

Laoag City, Philippines

Why Fate Never Meant For Us To Be Together

Rating: 4.8

We wrote our names in the sand
As many as the stars above
The moon shone on them
But the waves that constantly
Kiss the shore took them away.

We carved our names on the bark of the tree
From its base to the branches
The sway of the leaves in the wind
Carried our love across the miles
But the greedy man cut the tree into pieces.

Like day and night
We met only
At dawn and dusk
Only to part
And have our own destination.

Is our love for each other not enough?
Can we ask
The sun, the stars and the moon
To stand still
And unite day and night?

Why fate never meant
For us to be together?
Maybe God
Knows why.

Copyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Unnikrishnan E S 05 August 2019

Hi Rose Marie, A lovely piece of poetry. Quite melancholic. A little unlike of you, I Note. But, coming back yo poetry. A remarkable poem, by its poetic standards. Marked for its brevity. Beautiful metaphors augmenting the theme.Very aptly worded. Loved it. If, it has an autobiographical connotation, may God be with you to see you through the difficult times. May He bless your heart with enough strength. Take care.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 05 August 2019

THIS is no brevity, absolutely not, Mister UES. Please write this word, if you know the meaning of the word. Thank you for your attention. So sorry dear Mrs. Juan-Austin that I have responded sponteanously here. The FIRST time I react like this, since this is no brevity, but beautiful stanzas,

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 August 2019

Can we ask/The sun, the stars and the moon/To stand still/And unite day and night? Bypassing other beautiful aspects of this wonderful poem on love, I just delve deep into this great inquisition! Superb work.....10

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C F 05 August 2019

A very well penned romantic write, quite unique from all your other posts. Enjoyed it and thank you for sharing.10+

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Anjandev Roy 05 August 2019

A touching poem brilliantly penned. Thanks. anjandev roy.

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Nabakishore Dash 12 October 2021

Beautifully penned.

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Shaun Cronick 06 August 2020

The fickle finger of fate can be so cruel in our lives we live and lead. Another superb poem filled with bitter truths but asks the question at its fine conclusion. 10++ and many thanks Rose Marie and stay poetry enriched.

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Kesav Easwaran 13 February 2020

'Like day and night We met only At dawn and dusk Only to part' Beautiful analogy. Your poem wrenches out grief touchingly. Excellent poem piece Rose Marie 10+

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 August 2019

(3) I tried to think with the great poetess, but then I have become saddest, so tragic for both hearts, just wanna cry-cry and cry......Most beautifully worded and so very touching. This captivating poem, loveliest! Up toMyPoemList..Few days have gone and I am still thinking of this poem. This entchanting theme is like the Classics., dear great poetess. God Bless You

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Sandra Feldman 11 August 2019

Such beauty in the sadness Of separation Destiny's, cruel devise, The depth and romantic pain In this exceptional poem, Makes you want to cry, Not once but twice..... I really mean it Rose! So touchingly sad... Exceptional work. To my poetic treasure chest.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin

Laoag City, Philippines
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