' Will' Of Love Poem by anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel

' Will' Of Love

Rating: 3.1

Your name is home of love;
The porch greets
With Jasmine fragrance ;
My thirst is trapped within
A tender coconut tree;
Dreams are painted around the shelves
And freeze in ornate toys,
My taste possesses warmth
From the stove in the kitchen.
The darkness and loneliness
Shared not only in bed
But Counting the stars too.
I could touch the
Spilling water from the well.
Despite all,
The WILL of the house is
Not with me

In Tamil- Mazhaippen-Phazhani Bharathi

Gaitty Ara 30 December 2009

Nice imagery! ! Nicely written

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Gaitty Ara 30 December 2009

Nice imagery! ! Nicely written

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Justin Unanue 29 December 2009

Good love poem. Smart, sweet, short, what it needed to be.

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Ah Bharathi! ! Simply exquisite! !

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Maria Barbara Korynt 27 December 2009

Very nice, subtle poem. I read with pleasure. Greetings :) Maria Barbara Korynt

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Louis Rams 13 February 2010

the first line and the last two lines tell the story written, of a love found and a love lost. well written! thanks for sharing.

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BreOnna Schneck 11 February 2010

this is amazing! one of the best I've read yet! please enjoy my other poems as well!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 30 January 2010

i rated this one 10.......

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Antonio Liao 11 January 2010

a delight of honest love conquer the heart of each life....so beautiful to hold on, the glittering star that to love is a will to accept, the wisdom of uncertainties of life....God bless you my friend...a 10 +++++

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Steve Griffin 10 January 2010

very deep, I can feel some of the cultural difference's.. very well written... very warm

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