Winter Poem.. Poem by Peter S. Quinn

Winter Poem..

Rating: 4.6

Now winter is here
In its blow blow,
Gray colors everywhere
In their shade and flow.

Summer is gone tomorrow
With its coloring lay,
Now mode is in deep borrow
Of winter coldness play.

Now gray and shade is here
In deep of every trace,
Darkness to come everywhere
In all its deep ways.

And drift of snow and ice
On earth to touch the dark,
But light has still its ties
When glows from stars spark.

Now winter comes in
With all its sleepy time,
And gives each dream a spin
In night hours prime.

When dreams will dance and pay
And give some pleasures on,
Till winter goes away
And darkness is all gone.

Monday, October 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: winter
M Asim Nehal 30 October 2018

Welcome this winter.....We are desperately waiting for you to come.10+

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Tom Allport 30 October 2018

A colourful write of a season that is not bright but cold and grey some wish to go away? .......nicely penned Peter

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Adrian Flett 30 October 2018

The poem gives such a wonderful atmosphere of darkness but also a time for refection and 'sleepy time'. Then the darkness gives such brilliance to 'When glows from stars spark'. There is more time 'When dreams will dance and pay(play?) . There exists a great balance of mood in this poem.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 October 2018

Congratulations! Your winter poem is really very interesting and motivational. We feel thrill of winter. Thanks for sharing. A great poem is chosen as the member poem of the day...10

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Bernard F. Asuncion 30 October 2018

Peter, such a magnificent poem of the day. Congrats for being chosen.......10++++++++++++

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Marina Paic 26 April 2023

I am not so inclined to write comments

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"..winter goes away/ and the darkness is all gone"… beautiful. Reflects the same prosody of my poem "A winter in Delhi". Congratulations on POD

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Julia Luber 10 June 2019

Nice rhythmic preponderant but surprising rhyme. Nice poem. Sounds like a drum is somewhere near. In the winter snow.

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Practicing Poetess 30 October 2018

Congratulations, Peter, on being selected for Member Poem of the Day!

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Lyn Paul 30 October 2018

You have turned horrible weather into beautiful words. Lovely to read. Australia is just coming into summer.

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