Witches Dances Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi

Witches Dances

Rating: 5.0

(dedicated to Thelma Zaracostas)

I don’t want to lose you
Even so you always
Ask me to dance
Witches Dances

You plunge me
Into a heavy sleep
In strangest of visions
O the loudest outbursts!

Sometimes I feel so empty
Some tunes of Mussorgsky’s
Night on Bald Mountain
Ponder in my soul

Sometimes I feel so lost
Some tunes of Franz Liszt’s
Totentanz and Mephisto Waltz
Dance in my mind

Sometimes I feel so hopeless
Some tunes of Honegger’s
Le Demon de L’Himalaya
Climb at my sense

Sometimes I feel so jealous
Some tunes of Paul Dukas’
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Play at my feeling

Sometimes I feel so angry
Some tunes of Hector Berlioz’
Songe d’une nuit de sabbat
Sing in my heart

Sometimes I feel so confuse
Some tunes of Saint-Saëns’
Danse Macabre
Whisper to my spirit

In the linden trees
Moans are heard
In their shrouds
Running and leaping

O miraculous Paris!
Could you set me free
From this anguish
And make me fearless?

O majestic Moscow!
Could you save me
From this disastrous
And make me stronger?

O flamboyant Milan!
Could you light me
From this darkness
And make me tireless?

O amazing New York!
Could you help me
From this suffering
And make me tougher?

O exotic Rio de Janeiro!
Could you liberate me
From this torment
And make me happy?

O gorgeous Sydney!
Could you release me
From this terrible
And make me confident?

They all hold hands
And dance in circles
Oh what a beautiful night!
Long live death and equality!

Let’s together begin steps
Make our plans come alive
O Bizet’s Carmen!
O Berg’s Wozzeck!

Let’s together do the best
Make our wishes be fulfilled
O Verdi’s La Traviata!
O Borodin’s Prince Igor!

Let’s together chase chances
And make our dreams come true
O Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi!
O Tchaikovsky’s Pique Dame!

Let’s together welcome
Up and down of life
With smile and pray
O Handel’s Semele!

Let’s together face
Bitter and sweet of love
With understanding
O Bellini’s Norma!

Let’s together deal with
Easy and hard of world
With oceanic heart
O Dvorak’s Rusalka!

I don’t want to hate you
Even so you always
Ask me to show
Witches Dances

Blaring, rushing, scurrying words
A brief, nostalgic recollection of
A witches’ burlesque parody
O The climactic finale!

(inspired by Leos Janacek’s Music)

Katherine Ng Li Hoon 21 October 2008

well written piece.Thanks for sharing.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 October 2008

An amazing composition. Love with 10.

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Ershad Mazumder 21 October 2008

Excellant idea and theme for a poem. Dear read it repeatedly for further editing.Use only 100 words to say 2000 words. Thatis the job of a poem.poetry lives in silence not in noise.

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Juan Carlos Abeti 21 October 2008

inspiring, good, as always....

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Sathyanarayana M V S 21 October 2008

Ahmed! Kudos to your skills of writing. All the 3 pieces I read today are so musical, heavenly...u are gifted poet.

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Chitra - 28 October 2008

a novel composition with an equally novel theme

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Cheung Shun Sang 24 October 2008

I find out that this is a very good poem. But restrain all to me by my chineses language barrels, i am detered to know them fully. I did try my best cause there are difference in cultures. My english is not good. Popper names are queer

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Ben Gieske 22 October 2008

A passionate piece providing a world voyage of feelings, actions, and supplications. I like this line, “Let’s together chase chances” for its originality. I like the musical matches, but, to my sorrow, I am not familiar enough with all of them to appreciate their full implications. A great piece for music lovers of the classical kind.

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Kathleen West 22 October 2008

Lots of thought went into this poem, very nice... kind regards, Kathleen

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Sadiqullah Khan 22 October 2008

Astonishing and very very real, , flying on the fantasy, , , , , , , i loved reading it, , , you have such extraordinary knowledge of the subject, , , , , , , a 10

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