Writing Poem by Kranthi Pothineni


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We write about past and present
As well as future wishful dreams
So we can preserve moments of life
Only in truthful words to relive

We write about pain and joy
As well as silence of a silence
So we can share loneliness of life
To this breeze that we breath to live

We write about nature of the world
As well as knowledge of the ages
So we can pass it on when we pass
To the unknown of unknown world

We write about inner most emotions
As well as changing winds motion
So we can move fallen withered leaf
Into beautiful garden of green to reap

We write to move the beating hearts
As well as to fire those hearts
So we can change their fast beats
Into melodious rhythmic musical beat

So we write for a heart from a heart
We all play on the earth a key part
By using words we make this craft
Our writings are not just a beautiful art

Shashendra Amalshan 21 October 2009

Yes my friend, I totally agree.. you know when asked to comment, most poets comment about writing skill and poem as a whole. Yet, I go around the PH and I feel that most poets write from heart. At times we fail to recognize the emotions and feelings that come out of those works.. It is not merely an art.. Poems are the life blood of the poet... Nice work.. regards Shan

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Joseph Poewhit 21 October 2009

Writing reflects the era of time a person writes

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Louis Rams 21 October 2009

as i have written on my biography. 'poems are to the mind as life is to the soul sit and read and life unfolds.' this is the purpose of our writings.it's to leave our legacy and also to leave thoughts and life about our era.

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Louis Rams 21 October 2009

p.s. a ten on this one also, because you say it all in this one.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 21 October 2009

a wonderful expression on writing...you look at it from various angles..well done

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Indira Renganathan 22 March 2010

Content is too good...added flavour is the repetition of 'we write'...thanks for sharing

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Antonio Liao 03 November 2009

just as like reason in the pen.....pattern in the scheme of lovely past.... waiting to tangle the beautiful lines of the past......excellent poem of all time....a 10 +++++

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Ted M 03 November 2009

Very well said.............

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Anju Addanki 27 October 2009

its just simple true and wonderful poem.

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Janell Cressman 24 October 2009

Brilliant! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! amazing, i love it! ! ! ! ! !

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