Flower To Flower Poem by Kranthi Pothineni

Flower To Flower

Rating: 5.0

I came across one flower
While walking in a garden
It saw me and gave a smile
I too smiled and walked
Each day in garden I smiled

One day I gazed at flower
At its plant and roots closely
I observed its dance in wind
And its dance made me sing
It made me smile all my time

Everyday I went to flower
Smiled with it and came back
My days went like seconds
Nights passed like years
Flower made me its lover

So I wrote songs on its dance
On its lovely beautiful smile
All about its charming beauty
And my state of dying slowly
In which I am smiling daily

One day I saw flower singing
In the garden while jogging
Song reveled its moving off
From my garden to a house
Of loved one from its past

I smiled on all my songs
While writing a new song
Its song of flower to flower
Which I gave to my flower
When departing from my lover

Catrina Heart 26 August 2009

a great symbolic piece.......well written craft! ! ! 10+++++++

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Surya . 26 August 2009

so who is this beautiful girl, that you dont want to divulge the name? beautifull write a 10++++ from me surya

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Joseph Poewhit 26 August 2009

Words and thoughts come forth with a real grace - REAL NICE ONE

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Ted M 26 August 2009

A lovely graceful write. I failed to get the last comment though. liked the idea of using a beautiful flower to talk about a beautiful lover...................10+++

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Eyan Desir 26 August 2009

yeah, well written 10ssssssss

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Indira Renganathan 09 January 2010

Great imagination...it tempts to read again and again...lovely flower

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Walterrean Salley 03 January 2010

A beautiful ode to a natural wonder. Thanks Kranthi. I love flowers and write about them all the time.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 December 2009

Thanks for sharing…with a flowery smile compliment 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Antonio Liao 28 August 2009

a fable in a dream of a poem.....fancy or real is not the end...it's the fulfillment that...life comes in a most amazing moment with the other living creature....nice and touching view.... a 10 ++++

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Anju Addanki 27 August 2009

That was a very nice poem on flower.

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