Silenced Poem by Silentpoet Grl


Rating: 4.5

i was in tears as i walked away
nothing would ever be the same
heavy words i so longed to say,
- silence - as none could escape.
crushed, by what you had done
glass tears etching pain, cutting,
scarring hurt on this fragile heart
past memories shown on repeat,
no longer hidden, shame sets in
my blade carving pain upon flesh
mistakes never to be forgiven.
raging battles torment my mind
unsure of where to go from here
with hurt written upon each tear
nightmares never to be forgotten
haunted, i long to silence them.
choking, clenched ropes of regret,
pull tightly around my weak heart,
shards fall, left laying on the floor
shattered, never to be restored
kneeling down, picking up pieces
they're sharp like a razor's edge
a painful cut with every attempt
dying to mend this brokenness,
blood spills on pieces left to lay,
life -silenced- pain drifts away.

Karen Riggs 16 January 2012

Great poem. I will read more of your work after this. Lot's of torment, but written nicely. You are a talented writer. Nice work.

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Eric Cockrell 17 January 2012

'glass tears etching pain...', stunning image. very deep in the core of the heart. well done!

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Charles Darkly 18 January 2012

Glass tears etching pain sends chills down my spine. This one is amazingly good SPG.: D

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Dj Hart 20 January 2012

A strong poem. I can relate to the writing.

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Heyyou Boy 13 January 2012

Sad but i liked the poems flow and content. Appears you have another winner.L.

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Pheko Motaung 04 February 2012

And not I think you're going to be a great poet one day.You are right now and you are the greatest the world has ever produced! I salute you.I take my hat off to you.

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Darkangel Flyfree 30 January 2012

Ok i just love reading your work. I flow though as i read. I love it how do you do it lol.

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Hope Anderson 26 January 2012

this is really sad....but good write.....i really criered when i read this

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(De Va) 25 January 2012

Your words haunt the night As you grow in your fright You are indeed strong Although you always long For the freedom of innocence That was taken in insolence For you, my heart doth ache As, I wish you could make For yourself an inner peace, As his hold does decrease. Blessings to heal your soul, Love aimed to console The pain and anguish As in his crime you languish Amazing woman that you are As I send blessings from afar. My soul is with you...smiles n blessings.

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Rick Adriolo 23 January 2012

this poem is amazing.. I love the way you wrote it and how it sounds.. it's something I can relate to and I want to invite you my poem: goodbye.. hope to hear from you and keep writing!

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