Breathe Again... Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Breathe Again...

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wishing for just a single moment
maybe i could hold your attention
and share the things on my heart.
would we for a moment disappear?
could you see its me still waiting here
i'm longing to feel the words you say
how you love me more than anything.
but, your hands are holding pieces
from you crushing my fragile heart,
a heart you once held so delicately.
can you see all the pain i hold inside
now that you're looking me in the eye
do you see how your love is hurting,
even more, how its slowly killing me.
was it all an act i have to wonder?
because if your words say you love
why is it always more hurt you bring,
rather than just letting me walk away,
so i may finally be able to breathe again.

Richard McClellan 08 November 2011

A very nice heart felt poem! ! !

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Crimson Love 08 November 2011

This poem is beautiful, Psh......not a good writing day? I think not! :) 'maybe i could hold your attention and share the things on my heart. would we for a moment disappear? ' ^^^^ My favorite little bit. phenomenal poem!

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Jacqui Broad 09 November 2011

May you breathe again...someone as young don't need to choke in the heartache of love. You really write well... :) . One can almost feel your pain in every poem...

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Eric Cockrell 09 November 2011

strong, passionate longing... breathe deeply! good poem!

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Cosmic Dreamer 09 November 2011

Love is all the things we want it to be and more, all the things we cannot imagine brought to life in our heart... This is how your poem made me feel... Top marks...

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Joshua Hillard 09 February 2016

I loved it... I feel the same way currently... So easy to fall into place and understand every word with such great detail. Beautiful, so silent! ! - J

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Kaila George 06 June 2012

Who knows what love it all what we say it is...hmmmmm....could be anyting love is something we often dont want to do in our lifes because we are afraid someone will not return how we feel. Even if they only glance at us for the that one breif moment. Isnt that what love is all

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Kara Towe 02 January 2012

wonderful write. If he doesn't leave you, you should leave him. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Dave Walker 29 December 2011

An heart felt poem. Love can get an hold on people. Makes them want to controle and not let go. A great poem.

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Kara Towe 24 December 2011

This person you are writing about sounds like a control freak. They put on a act long enough to have you fall in love with them then they show their true intentions, which is selfishness. They just get off on the power of controlling someone, the thrill to them is the rush of feeling like they have full power. These kinds of people are predators, they toy with their victims then go in for the kill. Like a cat goes after a mouse. These people don't want to be anything else then what they are. Weather it by emotion death, physical or both, these control freaks won't stop til they destroy the person they are with. Then, if they don't get caught, move on to someone else who they treat the same way. Same viscous circle. These people have nothing to give, it's just a game to them. There addicted to power. They pat themselves on the back for having control, getting their own way at whoever expense. It's not you they love, it is the power. Great poem. Thank you so very much for sharing. Sincerely, Kara

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