Porcelain Doll Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Porcelain Doll

Rating: 5.0

broken, the porcelain doll is laying
tossed aside, used and shattered.
her once fair perfect porcelain skin
now cracked and crimson stained
her sparkling glass eyes reflecting
a pool of past memories escaped
falling crystal tears painfully carving,
all innocence was long ago stolen,
as they dry upon this broken face.
painted smile fading, closed red lips
tightly sealing in many dark secrets
forever etched upon her fragile heart.
ghostly whispers quietly echoing,
as a haunting lullaby is faintly heard
inside this damaged porcelain doll
as a beautiful ghost crying, rises
taking the hand of the silenced doll,
mourning a lost life too early ended
standing by her grave, heart breaking,
the ghost sadly lets wilted flowers fall.

Heyyou Boy 25 January 2012

If this poem dont make your heart hurt i think you might need a heart check up. Beautiful poem L.

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Cosmic Dreamer 14 January 2012

The death of innocence is never easy... This poem speaks to me in loud voices and i am saddened by it's echo... Your talent shines bright for all to see...

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Sharron Stephenson 17 January 2012

this is a rel good poem and the soul and heart for witting is one to beat

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Vipins Puthooran 06 January 2012

beautiful portrayal of thoughts/ 10++++

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Shadow Girl 07 January 2012

wow, fantastic powerful write... loved...all innocence was long ago stolen, as they dry upon this broken face. keep them coming! -SG xo

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Kelly Seale 19 August 2012

when I was reading this, images kept invading my mind, flashing images of what you described... almost as if i were there, or like a movie scene from Paranormal Activity or something. It had an uncanny, haunting effect on me. Powerful! Great Ink here! ! ! -Kelly.

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 27 February 2012

Great metaphor...great poem....and sad too. I like it...keep writing...kudos

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George King 31 January 2012

the beautiful ghost...the silenced porcelain doll...you have given the quiet enterage of loss and residual lives two superb creations...congratulation :)

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Katherine Val 30 January 2012

really beautiful poem.

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Nancy M. Godfrey 26 January 2012

Extremely moving poetry! Beautifully written. Kudos!

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