One Of Those Birds Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

One Of Those Birds

Rating: 3.6

Those birds are playing Hide and Seek,
But one of them is very weak.
Now they start to compile,
Husk and grains with their peak.
But it isn't easy for her,
As you know, she is very weak.

It seems like, she wanna weep,
And now she start to peep.
She is peeping in her friend's nest,
Which is located in the west.
Her friend furiously told her that,
'She cann't live with them as they aren't mad'.

And now I realized that -
There is no WEALTH without HEALTH...!

So Close 28 October 2012

great thought....! ! ! and i wish appreciate for that....good job...keep it up....: -) »so close«

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Antonio Liao 30 October 2012

sweet as a bird....a potential poem for Children Library...easy and inspiring to read 10/10

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A poem good enough to throw light on Miss Akanksha`s future prospects as a strong poet. The theme has a piercing element and is realistic in totality. Go ahead like this Akanksha.

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Indranil Bhaduri 02 November 2012

Very sweetly penned. loved this

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Unwritten Soul 02 November 2012

The idea is big but you carry it with the whole strength you got...poetry way! _Soul

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Jordan Black 24 May 2013

Very good well written birds are often associated with beauty and the use of a nest as a metaphor very good.

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Valerie Dohren 13 January 2013

No wealth without health - very true Akanksha. Nice write.

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Sandy Player 04 January 2013

Very interesting views you take out of nature. Birds need to catch up and create a welfare state!

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Justin Gonzalez 06 December 2012

Very beautiful and interesting. I really enjoyed this great read. :)

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Rishit Desai 30 November 2012

Beautifully brought out.

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