Madam Spider Poem by Lee Crowell

Madam Spider

Rating: 5.0

tell me madam spider
how it feels when I touch down
onto your inviting web
tell me how quickly you sense my entanglement
and which moment in your haste
that you size me up as your meal
I want to know where the love lies in your work

I, your afternoon prey
your bagged haul
your netted catch of the day
your ashamed admirer

I, suicide bomber
the sacrificial lamb
commissioned by your victims' dearly beloveds
armed with camouflaged casks
of lethal arachnid potion

I anticipate your doom as certainly as you anticipate mine
seemingly here by foolish mistake
I have a purpose with you, madam
when you sink your pincer fangs into my flesh
and proceed to drain my fluids
you will find yourself very quickly ill
and here by my side madam
your reign of terror will extinguish

while across the way in a corner
we might catch a glint from the bulging eyes
of the carcass shell
that was once your mate
ravaged to his fate by you
in this web he helped to craft
he will know that sometimes, madam spider,
an appropriate justice is served
and still
I want to know where the love lies in your work

Fiona Davidson 03 June 2009

Beautiful writing Lee...10++++

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Kesav Easwaran 04 June 2009

creative write, Lee...scenic as well...i can visualise you standing there ready to plunge into her waiting web! thanks..i liked...10

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Catrina Heart 04 June 2009

Innovative, fine metaphors used and imagery....I would relate this poem to those who are infected with HIV virus and still wandering on streets continuing infecting people to share their anguish sweet plight...............10++++++

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very nice piece you've explained it from the point of view of the spider, very imaginative and well though of, nice write

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Callie Carroll 05 June 2009

Oh, Lee, I am so glad you got outside of that box. Your poem was sublime (and somewhat scary) . As always, you are a master.

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Marieta Maglas 29 June 2009

selected poetic assets..nice poem..10+

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Deependra Kumar Jha 28 June 2009

An Interesting write here! Liked it.

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Salu Salu 17 June 2009

fine and provoking.......justice n injustice like two sides of a coin..........swindling indeed ur multiple thoughts injecting slowly and sweetly.... rgrds/salu

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Sathyanarayana M V S 13 June 2009

A different outlook at spider, wonderfully dealt with. Very interestingly narrated. This is what is called true poetics.

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Chitra - 06 June 2009

a true exemplification of the concept outside the box you have woven a gossamer of fine images

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