A Brace Of Budgies Poem by PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE

A Brace Of Budgies

Rating: 3.3

Without you
I'm a rain race
The cloud in the spring
An island in the embrace of the sea
Without you
There is no place
All windows are closed
So gray, the sun's face
After years of chasing
I just got a part
In the red dream of your kiss
The last grace


Tsira Goge 01 September 2008

Very touching and gentle support, just a nightingale can sing a song... 10............. Tsira

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Lynda Robson 26 August 2008

You have a lovely way with words Nightingale and your poetry sings,10 Lynda xx

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Sathyanarayana M V S 19 August 2008

Lovely feeligs lovely expressions! ! ! sathya narayana

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M M 19 August 2008

A very lovely love poem, where feelings can be 'touched' by the reader.10+, of course :)

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Sarwar Chowdhury 18 August 2008

...a 10 has been given to nightingle of shiraz with joy for this nice composition!

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Guy Lip-more 15 October 2013

Very romantic, short but deep

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Patricia Grantham 12 May 2013

A very romantic poem that touches the heart dearly. Such sweet words that softens the hard headed! Thanks for a lovely write.

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Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'In the red dream of your kiss' Rachel Ann Butler

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Jihad T 17 January 2009

rain, cloud, island and sea if a poem has one of those it could be good what do you think it a poem has all of those? 8++++++

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sumaira .....ir 07 January 2009

Ths poem is so soft and gentle... LOVELYYY!

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