A Corduroy Coat Poem by Susan Lacovara

A Corduroy Coat

Rating: 4.8

A corduroy coat,
from the back of the rack
It's past, invisible..but certainly there...

I watched as a frail seamstress ironed
To put a vintage skirt's pleats
Back, properly in place...
Wondering where it was worn last...

Whose heads were adorned by the many odd hats
that hung precariously about the crumbling house
All priced for the asking...
And I asked many questions
Curious to know if the original souls
Still clung to their clothing...

(10/21/13) Stumbling upon a bargain, we just had to have....sadly, the silk top hat, from France, was within my reach, but far from my budget.
I tried it on anyway...a perfect fit! A day spent, with new friends, in a sweet Sunday town.
Danny Draper 22 October 2013

Pre-loved clothes and their stories cling to each other and enmesh the fabric with life and silent memories. Nicely written. Thank you for this gently conscious piece.

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Karen Sinclair 25 October 2013

Loved this too. Even the non materialist can grow attatchment to clothing. This reminded me when I was 12 round my best friends (her older brother there too) a wasp slipped up my courderoy flares and had a fill day munching on my leg. I whipped off my trousers four stings lol. Thanks for the memory. Karen Nothing beats a good rifle through retro wear.

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Susan Sparks 26 March 2014

I've never really thought about the past lives of the used items I buy before reading this poem. Maybe that explains why I like certain items more than others. Maybe they take on the personalities of their previous owners. Thanks for sharing.

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Lynn Anne Brown 22 February 2014

A fabulous metaphor for lingering over the things we choose to give new life and the ideas and folk who gave birth to them the first time round.

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Anthony Burkett 26 January 2014

I can almost visit the shop with the mind's eye from the wonderful imagery caused by your words.

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Laurie X3 04 January 2014

Hah! Great descriptions! I liked the last two lines best. I often wonder about the last owner when I buy resale too.

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Laughing@ You 07 November 2013

Love this Susan! I often wonder the same thing.

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