A Date With An Anti-War Protester Poem by Chuck Audette

A Date With An Anti-War Protester

Rating: 5.0

with Dracula
I've a date tonight
we'll be out late
and get a bite.

such a gentle man -
he gets a chill
whenever he hears
that blood was spilled

Friday, August 25, 2006
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous

I anticipated that this would be 'a funny'. Well, it is, in the sense of humour (dark humour) injected into a piece that makes you think and then think.. shouldn't we all be such a date? Your play on words is second to none. Your message is second to none. So - yep. Keep em coming. t x

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Jim Foulk 16 April 2007

a very cute write, very funny and well written

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Beth L Adams 15 December 2007

LOL I enjoyed this, Chuck! I like the reference to Dracula - very cute! Take care, Beth

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Ben Gieske 17 June 2008

I like this and other poems of yours because of what they don't say outright but indirectly. They are so suggestive.

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Anna Russell 25 August 2006

I just logged on to check my messages and I noticed you'd posted a new one - YAY! ! ! And it's bitingly funny (ha ha) :) Hugs Anna xxx

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Natasha J 19 June 2017

This poem was a very enjoyable reading. I liked the Dracula reference also.

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Karen Sinclair 23 October 2012

clever humour.... i honestly sit with baited breath before opening your writes, i really never know what to expect..loved it tyvm

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Dave Walker 21 September 2012

A really fantastic poem, really liked it.

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Ruth Walters 14 September 2009

heheh I had a date with the devil once and wrote Hot Date....come and read it, just a bit of fun. Ruthy

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Michael Gale 27 March 2009

Aren't you the clever sucker? Great write. God bless us all-MJG.

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