A Diary Two (La Isla Salsa) Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi

A Diary Two (La Isla Salsa)

Rating: 3.1

(dedicated to JOE POEWHIT, a great poet at poemhunter)

through you, I have learned how to love again
you always make me smile when I am down
you are as loving as the shimmering angel

I would have fallen even more
without you at my side at each step
we went through some hard times, some joy times together

the messages you made just to tell me
how much you caring, thinking of me
helped me through harsh days

you taught me that I could do anything
you still encouraged me even when
you didn't agree with road I walked in

you didn't leave me while I was at the edge
I always had someone whom I could trust
and who patiently understood me

take my hand
and take my whole life too
what a wonderful world

rago rago 14 February 2009

You have written well and rhythmic. I do endorse 9 ++++

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Mimi Fakhira 13 February 2009

Again, a beautiful expression of friendships and love.. the 2 most important things in out lives, other than our family. Nice!

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C.R. Clark 13 February 2009

Our world is certainly much better when we have love and support from friends who are there through good and bad times. A fine write my friend. Richard

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Carol Rhodes 12 February 2009

Ahmad, are you referring to 'medicine'? Good, healthful, health-restoring medicine such as your poem indicates? There is magic on this site and I can identify, based on personal experiences, with your generous words dedicated to Joe Poewhit. Yes, this can be a major source of joy, laughs, smiles, sharing of ideas that test the brain, ad infinitum. Thousands of miles may separate us but there is the intuitive creative connection which erases the sense of distance, silence and faceless bonding. Been an extraordinary and enriching journey! You reached inside, as you are wont to do so naturally, and made us wiser and richer and more aware of how valuable this site is. Carol

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Lynda Robson 12 February 2009

Another wonderful tribute Ahmad, you have a caring nature and it shows in your poetry, 10 Lynda xx

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Allemagne Roßmann 05 October 2009

Venerative notes for a teacher's tribute you taught me that I could do anything you still encouraged me even when you didn't agree with road I walked in...................well done and well written....10 voted

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 May 2009

Moving composition, modest submission.

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Sandra Martyres 16 March 2009

Beautiful poem - a meaningful tribute

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Gargi Saha 24 February 2009

A wonderful poem..........10++++++ Love & hugs.

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Eyan Desir 18 February 2009

i think its a nice poem good write

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