A Feel! Poem by Siddartha Montik

A Feel!

Rating: 5.0

sure was just my feel that you stole it all,
but no, cameout now that I must know the real deal!

sure I never knew this a fight in all,
but you finally came like an Angel!

wonderful that you were there as a preacher,
even when I was in my absolute of torture!

whatever matters now.. never be in my dis-regard,
for sure I believe it is all a quintessential guard!

So you stay as an angel for me ever I am sure,
even when all of me get in a perfect failure!

know not, how to give my regards for all this,
for I am sure lured in this perfect bliss!

please be there for me like you are always my Angel,
for I can say, to get out of it is surely impossible!

copyright © Siddartha Montik (Ramesh Kompella)

Friday, August 28, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: feeling
Sarwar Chowdhury 29 August 2009

a Big WOW it is dear poet! aMMMMMMMMMazing flow! heartfelt expression! 10+

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Omar Ibrahim 30 August 2009

a WOW bigger than sawar's wow... :) haha....awesome fantastic spectacular stunning wonderful marvelous sensational....complete if there is another expressions: D

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 06 June 2010

In three words: Follow your Bliss' is what this lovely poems says. I like it keep writing.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 06 June 2010

Nice write 'Follow your bliss' an angel.

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 November 2016

Feelings of love and life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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A B Faniki 21 September 2019

Intresting and intriguing piece. Thanks for sharing such a lovely ballad

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Sudhakar tambaram 11 May 2019

I saw Mr Ramesh kompellaSiddhartha montik in a tea shop I was shocked to hear his story .

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Nahar Piya 26 February 2018

feel... wow! dear poet

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Nishant Pandey 13 December 2016

Nicely penned sir...just expressed ur feeling...i really appreciate it...and i love this

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Indira Renganathan 19 November 2016

In simple language a great expression of love...the rhyming words also sound well...good work Siddartha...a 10 and ++++...thank you for your kind comment on my poem...God bless you

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