A Flow Of Nature Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

A Flow Of Nature

Rating: 4.9

Wild flowers blow in the morning breeze,
Surrounded by beautiful butterflies and bees,
Warm is the glow of the dazzling sun,
How lovely this garden of mine has become.

Mountain top glows neath the pretty blue sky,
My silence disturbed as some crows go by,
Noisy are they as they head up the valley,
I then see a Robin,
Some fine twigs he carries.

This is a time when birds build their nests,
This is the moment when nature is best,
Full of the joys of life so it seems,
In my little space,
My garden of dreams.

Jayne Louise Davies

D.N. Rebb 08 February 2023

I can almost envision sitting in your lovely garden. The scent of lavender is so inviting.

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Jayne Louise Davies 08 February 2023

Thank you so much for your kind comment x So appreciated.

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Bri Edwards 08 February 2023

Your 'garden of dreams' sounds DELIGHTFUL. I give four stars. Here in the U.S. I think I've never seen an American Robin's nest which had twigs used in its construction. Dried grass and other soft plant material and mud come to mind. bri ;)

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Richard Wlodarski 08 February 2023

Felt at peace reading this wonderful poem. THX, Jayne!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 August 2023

A lovely poem. My favourite two lines are: This is a time when birds build their nests, This is the moment when nature is best. This beautiful poem is POD today. Many congratulations! !

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Terence Craddock 04 August 2023

magic moments memories are written into serene quiet appreciation contemplation observation awareness insight into detailed harmony nature infuses into souls of bliss receptive receivers

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Jayne Louise Davies 04 August 2023

Thanks all for your lovely comments : ) Much appreciated x

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Anjandev Roy 04 August 2023

Wonderful write......well deserved POD....

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 04 August 2023

A lovely poem depicting the beauty and wonders of nature. Great images! Congratulations for having this poem chosen as Poem Of The Day.

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Congratulations on yet another POD, Jayne

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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