A Gold Treasure Poem by merna ibrahim

A Gold Treasure

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Health is a gift so value it.
Protect it and don't let it drift.
Health is a noble and valuable prize.
Don't waste it - preserve it - be wise.

Appetites of life are a lot.
Without health - enjoy you cannot.
Health is the key to happiness and joy.
The best a human can enjoy.

Money is the silver treasure.
Can be exchanged for something else.
But your health is really gold treasure.
It is really your inner wealth.

Chitra - 24 February 2010

truly exemplifies the essence of the golden proverb...health is wealth.! ! a profound recipe for good health

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Wonderful words about a subject that is more valuable that money. Well done my friend!

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Romeo Della Valle 21 February 2010

Merna, you are right, a very well penned poem based in the truth, hoping our readers get the message, keep it up,10+++

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Ravi Sathasivam 20 February 2010

'Money is the silver treasure. Can be exchanged for something else. But your health is really golden treasure. It really is your inner wealth'..... Well penned poem with deep thought Its really the Golden treasure. Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me 10++

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Mohammed Hassan 19 February 2010

well done merna i'm so proud of you, to realize that point it's good for you and thnx for sharing 10+++++

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 29 September 2010

‘Appetites of life are a lot.’ ~ Good thought …add life to life not days… thanks for sharing Hon’ble Poet Merna Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Zeinab Sherif 22 July 2010

u r right health is a gold treasure so as ur unique absolutely interestin talent of writin poems & ur absolutely wonderful rose inside u....ur heart i give u 10+++++ & RAMADAN KAREEM

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so good, so wise, so nice... Bravo Merna, I loved your verses, indeed Health is the Golden Wealth. when the health is in decline the whole universe seems dark. we have to thank ALLAH for the boon of Health. ThanksForSharing Dear Sis.

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So true! Our health needs to be treasured, looked after. Without our health we have nothing. Meaningful poem. Lovely! ; D

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Marieta Maglas 01 March 2010

beautiful plea for health...very inspiring words of wisdom..

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