A Happy Poet Poem by Ben Gieske

A Happy Poet

Rating: 3.6

away with all this seriousness
truth can be a sinful senseless mess

Just want to be a happy poet
juggling words and having fun with it

rosemary, thyme and oregano
que sera will be whatever it will be

bonjorno tomorrow some things will be
stuff like that and lots of things you know

Published by PoetsofMars in the book, 'Oh, What A Tangled Web'
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Marvin Brato 05 May 2008

To be a happy poet, must be able to share happiness to others through poetry! You make us happy! Thanks, high marks.

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Hemakumar Nanayakkara 25 April 2008

An amazing short poem with a touch of mediteranian. I enjoyed reading this wonderful piece.

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Robert Howard 31 January 2008

Damn everything but the circus.

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Frank Cannon 30 October 2007

Que sera sera! ! A more sensible philosophy this ...

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Blue angel Florida 30 September 2007

Let it free, let if flow, free-flow of 'words' making with it 'A Happy Poet', accepted, loved, allowing the 'truth...sinful senseless mess' to be a part of it :) Thanks for sharing!

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i dig this.. and i totally agree.

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Deva De Silva 19 March 2009

Happy poet, that you sound to me...

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Meggie Gultiano 17 December 2008

yes, you are right, Ben..just be happy, enjoy your works, so that the readers will also enjoy..A poet is also kind, not rude..This is great, Ben. I love it Love and hugs, Meggie

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Ben, I love writing silly poems as a happy poet but too often my heart is sad though my mind wants to play.... Dorothy

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Sathyanarayana M V S 19 September 2008

A grand aspect of a romantic poet. As Samuel Johnson said 'to a poet nothing can be useless'. Happy thoughts, sensible feelings feeling, nice humour always make a good poem and a very good poet. Though I defined a poet in a different way in my WE DEFY BARRIERS, which is akin to my country where a poet has to be socially sensitive and must try to do something explosive, within his might.I enjoyed reading this poem, especially the tone, so mellowed and the words so smooth to suit the subject.

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