A New Dawn (Sequel To 'Across The Wide Expanse') Poem by Hazel Durham

A New Dawn (Sequel To 'Across The Wide Expanse')

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Across this wide expanse
Of your parched emotional landscapes,
You have drawn your drapes,
Across your troubled waters that run so deep,

I feel now is a time to weep,
At your broken spirit,
That is unable to leap,
Across the margins of destruction,

Try and feel my love soaking into your barren heart,
My life is loving you until death do us part,
You take my gift of kindness,
To help you survive through bankruptcy,

You stare into an unknown space,
Your brown searching eyes are now sunken
Into your creased and gaunt face,
I light the candle of hope,

Allowing you to adjust at your own pace,
I feel such tenderness towards your drowning soul,
I imagine we will survive our tears,
And march hand in hand so bold,

Against the wars of time,
Winning each others hearts as we grow old,
With peace, love and respect as we join the fold,
Your pain is now mine to ease and heal,

Your brown eyes slowly begin to search for my response,
I smile from my deep desire to hold you in my arms,
As your words begin to charm
Me into feeling we have discovered solid ground,

Peace, harmony and love is around
Like a new dawn is found,
Our favourite song is playing, the beautiful sound,
Fills our eyes with wonder and love,

Like flying across this wide expanse
Hearing angels singing from above.

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love educates
Rajesh Thankappan 21 February 2015

Swimming against the ravages of time, if we still manage to reach the shore, what better bounty can we reap? A beautiful poem where maturity ripens the raw fruit.

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Jak Black 16 February 2015

I sense that this poem is written not to any one person in particular, but to Mother Eire. This poem expresses the deep sympathy that Hazel feels for Ireland's latest plight, austerity. Ireland this time, Hazel, is not alone, this is a global issue. Hopefully we are witnessing capitalism (as we know it) in it's death throes. Maybe lighting the candle of hope will deliver for us all a more equal and just society. Another excellent write.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 February 2015

Against the wars of time, Winning each others hearts as we grow old, With peace, love and respect as we join the fold, Your pain is now mine to ease and heal, ......I like these lines, Deep feeling and expression found in this poem. Broovy composition.

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Dave Walker 15 February 2015

A great follow up poem, love goes through many emotions.

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Valsa George 15 February 2015

After a break up, it is now time to reunite! A new dawn awaits and a warm invitation is extended! If a life of togetherness is built on the solid ground of love, peace and harmony, you can fly across the wide expanse, listening to the song of angels! A poem overflowing with warm feelings and deep emotions! Enjoyed much!

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Relational resurrection is indeed possible through the power of love. Well worded my friend!

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Stephen Katona 16 March 2015

Powerful expression and emotion. A great poem for a supportive partner to read to their loved one when they are feeling low - their soul 'drowning'. |

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Ramesh Rai 16 March 2015

What a beautiful heart winning poem. Your pain is now mine to ease and heal Thank you so much for sharing. Regards.

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Mihaela Pirjol 09 March 2015

After reading the previous poem, I conclude that this is an happy-ending love story; when the couple have survived the storms of life, and ultimately, embracing the beauty of love. Very emotional and touchy...Loved it!

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 23 February 2015

At your broken sprit that is unable to leap. Very wonderfully presented master piece of poem. Nice one really.

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