A Stroll In The Park Poem by Hazel Durham

A Stroll In The Park

Rating: 5.0

Give her a chance to rekindle their on and off romance,
With her love she keeps and weeps in her unruly heart,
Memories of turbulence and the way they used to dance,
Leading them into an uplifting trance,
She loved his supportive company.

Give her a chance to peel back the layers,
Of her anger at not feeling good enough,
Her jealousy at not being attractive enough,
Oh! enough of her chronic insecurities,
Eating her alive with such glee.

Like another person hiding between her mind and heart,
Ready to pounce,
Attacking instead of playing smart,
Jumble of broken emotions let out for the day,
Wild and kicking out and rolling in an uncontrollable way.

The surge of everchanging feelings had a lightning pace,
The result she was always last in lifes race,
He had tried to understand her complex divide,
Patience in abundance to give her a sense of pride,
Only to see she just wanted to die.

He was paying for her suffering,
He left to survive her unstable mind,
Like shifting sands even on dry land,
She was an enigma,
Combined with sweetness and truth.

Blackness of moods that jump and bounce,
Her love is fuelled driven by self hate,
Sticking a knife into her soul, that is her fate,
He stands alone keeping away from her fight
But she is never far from his inner sight.

A chance to change to rearrange her scarred mind,
With his love for her unselfish and kind,
Oh how he missed her funny ways,
He wanted to find the puzzles missing piece,
Allow her war to cease.

With moments to savour their incredible spark of attraction,
To let mature with grace and the end result, a win,
Like freeing a captive dove to fly,
To skies blue with white fluffy clouds,
With a rainbow of all colours in a wonderful arc,
At last holding hands as they stroll in a tranquil park.

Sekharan Pookkat 03 August 2013

This poem reminds your friendship and gives her a chance to change to rearrange her scarred mind,

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Dinesan Madathil 03 August 2013

What a reading into her mind have you done Hazel? This poem is educative and appealing too besides being a well crafted feast for the eyes and discerning minds.

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Valsa George 04 August 2013

Like a psychologist peering into the inner depth of human mind, you have gone deep into the complex divide in her, unearthed the secret fears, sense of chronic insecurities, the resultant erratic moods etc etc...! Anyway the presence of an understanding man who in the end hopes to free a captive dove to fly to skies blue is a refeshing close to a wonderfully beautiful poem! !

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Valerie Dohren 04 August 2013

A happy ending to a sad tale - great write Hazel.

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Ramesh Rai 04 August 2013

written with a good flow with a serenity state of mind. love your write. keep it up.

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Akhtar Jawad 28 October 2014

With a rainbow of all colours in a wonderful arc, At last holding hands as they stroll in a tranquil park.....10

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Excellent ending. Complex in its simplicity and simple in its complexity. Well done my friend!

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Lyn Paul 10 January 2014

Finally at the end of her stroll she is now comfortable in her own skin, appreciating life and accepting herself. Beautiful words Hazel. Your heart always finds a way

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Dave Walker 09 August 2013

A great poem, love the last stanza, it brings it all together.

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Geetha Jayakumar 07 August 2013

Like freeing a captive dove to fly..So Beautiful write. Loved reading it..Beautiful poem.

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