A Sunbeam Poem by Hazel Durham

A Sunbeam

Rating: 4.8

Life ends in death,
Day ends in night,
The sun has faded and died,
Its flickering light throwing shadows along the streets of your hometown,

Your dancing sunbeam eyes that livened up the wettest days,
Shimmering with your positive attitude,
Vital energy and your determined vision,
That uplifted the hearts of your dear comrades of Castlecomer,

Reopening the old Avalon Hotel in your town of roots,
The truth of your spirit that inhales and exhales,
The rural air of your youth,
Mischief played in the fields and nearby river,

Cowboys and Indians,
You were always the Big Chief,
As your devoted siblings followed your majestic lead,
Of a boy daring, bright and your mischievousness

Sang from your eyes as a successful businessman,
Now suddenly on a sun drenched Easter weekend,
Your sunbeam is playing in the fields of your splendid youth,
People gather to pay their respects to you, friend to all,

Your life was on a roller coaster to feel the thrill,
The wonder and your boyish daredevil courage,
You brought your beloved family and townsfolk
On a journey to the centre of the universe,

To an eternal friendship and kindness,
The centre was the gift of your heart.

This poem is dedicated to my deceased friend's brother who passed away suddenly.
His popular success was always his great love of his family and townsfolk. A successful businessman who never forgot the people of his hometown.
Jankovic Zoran 12 May 2019

Great, a good friend is forever the sunbeam in our memory.

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Bill Cantrell 11 May 2019

What a wonderful tribute, poems such as this have special meaning in poetry, recalling the good and worth of the one that has passed, I feel your soul in your words...wonderful! I have written only one poem of a friend who passed called horizons.. it took a lot of emotions and deep searching my past feelings to write it, I’m sure it was the same with your wonderful poem! ! A great write!

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Kostas Lagos 11 May 2019

Beautiful poem... God rest his soul...

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Khairul Ahsan 23 May 2020

A wam tribute flowing out from a grateful heart, for someone who brought sunshine for his friends, family and folks.

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Sekharan Pookkat 23 April 2020

Life starts with love And ends with love Day starts with light And ends without light What a wonderful sequence of thought!

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Mahtab Bangalee 16 October 2019

To an eternal friendship and kindness, The centre was the gift of your heart/// beautifully penned the last couplet of your friend's brother's broad minded character

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 May 2019

This is a great tribute to your deceased friend's brother who passed away suddenly. The inscription of this poem is so touching and amazing. The most impressive lines are...To an eternal friendship and kindness, /The centre was the gift of your heart.

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Valsa George 13 May 2019

This is a beautiful tribute to one who brought sunshine to his family and his people! Such people when they leave the world leave a vacuum that cannot be bridged easily. This poem clearly expresses how much admiration you have for him and how he continues to live in your heart! Well crafted!

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