A Swan Song Reverie Poem by Sonya Florentino

A Swan Song Reverie

Rating: 4.8

She wears her hair up high
like a dancer
Could she be one?
Her neck long and lovely
graceful as a swan

The way she walks
she glides like she's on water
Never looks down
As if she knows that once she does
she'll never be found

Laurie Hill 04 August 2009

''Never looked down As if she knew that once she does She'll never be found'' So she faced her dreams and fears...

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Susan Jarvis 05 August 2009

Everything about this poem is graceful - the slender form and considered words; 'Giselle...ethereal/ And fragile...' - simply beautiful. S :)

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Rakesh Bedi 06 August 2009

.....Never looked down.....; the real quality of life lies in equality, right? Excellent job, sonya!

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Estrella Baldemosa 09 August 2009

love it! lovely and delicate...

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Catrina Heart 10 August 2009

such reverie here...well written poem! ! ! Thanks...........

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Jean Dament 15 September 2009

As I read your poem it makes me think that the person you are describing could be a ballat dancer or a model possibly. I love the grace of swans & have written a poem called 'Two Swans in Love' (where they join together to form a heart with their necks close together) I will submit this one soon.

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Shashendra Amalshan 17 August 2009

What a wonderful poem indeed.. your poem captured my heart.... very beautiful, nice lines.... I think this is the best I have read of yours.. lovess shan

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Sandra Martyres 17 August 2009

A very delicate piece beautifully composed Sonya

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Yelena M. 13 August 2009

I adore this piece..A swan in a reverie of dance..Thanks for sharing :) A.

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Sandra Fowler 12 August 2009

Sometimes fragility is beautiful. This is one of those times. Exceptional, Sonya.10/10. Always your friend, Sandra

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

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