Alone In Ann Arbor Poem by Uriah Hamilton

Alone In Ann Arbor

Rating: 4.8

I walked alone
In Ann Arbor last night,
But you were
With me again on South Main
Among the college kids,
The restaurants and book stores,
Everyone moving around,
The folk music
Coming from the Ark;
Sweet Lady, you’ve won my heart,
Even though we continue to linger
So painfully apart.

Lori Boulard 04 November 2005

great mood of longing and surrender at the same time. I like this.

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Amberlee Carter 05 November 2005

this is such a lovely piece, filled with ache and nostalgic...excellent writing my friend.

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Adryan Barnathan 08 November 2005

Uriah....been there...Anne Arbor....such beauty~

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Herbert Nehrlich1 11 November 2005

Well done, Uriah. Do you by any chance know a little place called Mesick (N of Ann Arbour) ? Best H

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***** ********* 13 November 2005

Great little poem of love Uriah. You are never alone when they are in your heart. Lucky girl, springs to mind. 10 from a lucky lady Tai

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Tanya De Burgh 01 September 2020

Well written and sad

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Linda Ori 05 August 2006

And did you hang out at the Pretzel Bell? And yell 'GO BLUE! ' Lovely college town, Ann Arbor. Spent much of my life there - wonderful sentimental trip down memory lane. Thanks, Uriah! Linda

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Will Barber 14 May 2006

The solid image of a specific place is a foundation for a universal experience. The language is also elegant, I add. I liked the twinge when the reader realizes what 'you were with me' really means.

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Duncan Wyllie 09 March 2006

This is like looking through glass and seeing so much of the past.Lovely write.Love Duncan

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Joy Vanderhelm 31 December 2005

A lovely poem about love, Uriah. Sometimes a certain heartache becomes even more prevalant when we visit all those favorite hotspots without that special someone. Well done.

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