An Ode To Anna Russell, On Her Birthday Poem by Chuck Audette

An Ode To Anna Russell, On Her Birthday

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here is an ode to Anna Russell
with a wriggly jiggly bum that is really all muscle
and with a mind that is dancing all of the time
she's a tequila mockingbird with a twist of lime

tipsy in her highest heels
Paul Newman yet appeals
an optimist with endless hugs
(except for certain types of bugs)
she'd never live in that little town
and red letters unwanted don't get her down
proud Mom and a hardy Scot
slender dreams and broken heart
blank pages don't cause her fear
she leaves us all with a perfect tear
honest truths written beautifully
many lovers she has - of her poetry
And if you haven't read her stuff
you've been warned - fair enough
get on over, hurry and see
you don't want to be *this* Scot-free

here is an ode to Anna Russell
it was typed in a bit of a hustle
but today is her birthday - age 27
Anna, may your day be a blissful heaven!

Gina Onyemaechi 26 May 2006

A delightful and well-deserved tribute to our Anna, and a great giggle as well. Love to you both, Gina. PS: will not the lady herself attend her own e-toast? : -)

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Duncan Wyllie 26 May 2006

Charles, this really is great writing, Scot -free it is not, so much for Anna to enjoy, she is a great girl and has a fine voice Love Duncan X

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Esther Leclerc 26 May 2006

Happy Birthday, Anna! Could there be a better poem for you than this? I think not! ! ! Good one, Chuck - a very worthy write and lots of fun, too! Be happy and well and happy again. Esther : ]

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Anna Russell 29 May 2006

Aww Chu - uck. I can't believe you didn't tell me this was here. What a great b day present - I'm so sorry I was late in seeing it. I'm a bit choked up now! Thankyou sooooooooooooo much. Even bigger hugs than usual Anna xxx

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Danny Reynolds 26 May 2006

Hear, Hear, Chuck. Happy birthday Anna. Danny

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John Mccullagh 06 February 2010

As usual, Chuch. A poem with a lot of fun and energy in it. Good write.

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Linda Hepner 01 June 2009

Just saw this Anna - you've become a bit elusive but never mind, all the best PH-ers are at this party! Happy birthday, many happy returns and enjoy every day! Love, Linda in LA

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my salute to Chuck!

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Carol Rhodes 26 January 2009

Charles, after reading this, yes, there was no other way to but write it in a 'hustle'. You delineated her energy, personality and gave her life, and described her persona in fitting words which demand a jet plane comparison. Beautiful! Obviously, you are a man of powerful energy, too. Loved this. My best, Carol Happy birthday, Anna! Priceless gift given to you by Charles!

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Original Unknown Girl 05 June 2008

Wow what a wonderful tribute to a very fine poet pal! Anna is indeed a fab gal and you did her proud with this Chuck! Enjoyed reading this. HG: -) xx

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Chuck Audette

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